Kanto's Revisiting Is Surprisingly Soulless

Kanto's Revisiting Is Surprisingly Soulless ...

Greetings from the intrepid travelers for once more enjoying my trip across Kanto as a tourist, taking in the sights of the first Pokemon region, and enjoying everything it has to offer. Or, if you''re just joining me, you''ll receive a hug and a happy welcome to Cerulean City. It took me two months to get to Cerulean, a journey that once would only take a few hours, and these days would only take a couple of nights, although I already feel

Cerulean is the earliest place in the game that I might be amongst my favourites. However, I still hate the Viridian Forest, which I''ve discovered so far. For now, I''m still adamant about the fact that it turned out to be the first area I ended up souring under the veneer. However, I''m worried about going to The Floral Lagoon City, too. No, it doesn''t make sense.

I''ll be sticking to Cerulean City rather than the surrounding routes next time. Before I''ll be exploring the Nugget Bridge and Bill''s house, then heading to the Underground Path. This feels like a bit of a filler step on your journey to Pokemon greatness, but remember, it''s not about becoming the very best like nobody ever was. That''s the only difference between these two factors: when it comes to exploring the region as a region and not a battleground, those overlooked filler

Cerulean City, like most cities throughout Kanto, has its gym. I have previously complained that Misty''s gym does not match how impressive it is in anime, but that it does not hinder the gym from continuing to disappoint. There''s also a Bike Shop that you can''t buy anything from, a cave you can''t reach, a house that you can''t make, and another property you can''t go in yet. This garden is completely paved, unlike Ceruleans''

Cerulean is quite a proponent of the underground path, but the twisted into house, which feels like it might be a useful tool to manage it. It''s possible that Pewter City gets to know them before, and they do it with just a few words. Even the broken into house, which appears to be a ''Team Rocket,'' will be a fairly predictable occurrence.

If you like Viridian as a video game, the surrounding areas are helpful in boosting this feature, but when you''re looking to explore it as a place Cerulean City is virtually empty. My first major breakdown so far - I never liked Viridian anyway - makes me less concerned about the fact that there are other places I''m still overlooking. Cerulean is soulless, and let''s hope it''s not a sign of other things to come.