If you liked paper, here are 15 games you need to play

If you liked paper, here are 15 games you need to play ...

Papers, Please is a 2013 hit that included changes that matter, time management, and organization tactics. It''s an addictive game, but with all of 2018''s events, fans may have been concerned about the next big thing to get the same satisfaction. However, although Lucas Pope created another unique gem in 2018''s Return Of The Obra Dinn, it''s a different type of playstyle than Papers, Please.

While looking through papers and organizing a desk may be frightening for those who work for offices. For others, it''s addictive and satisfying when they get the papers right. These games will keep readers of Papers, Please occupied for a long time. Each one one offers unique stories and settings unlike the next.

Sharnelle Earle says there will never be a replica of Papers, but you may continue supporting Lucas Pope and others who are striving to achieve similar ideas. We''ve added five more games to this list, depending on how many of them are humorous and demanding thirst Papers, please give. Some of these games are mechanically similar in their point-and-click management, while others are a bit different. However, these games have a similar theme, whether it be in comedic timing or graphics.

15 Do Not Feed The Monkeys

In this game, you''re basically a stalker. Hack into other people''s computers and videos, and spy on them. The only thing you must not break is to not interact with any of these people. Don''t let them know you''re watching.

Do not Feed The Monkeys is a game filled with choices, in which you can learn about different couples and strangers online, and make powerful decisions. This game has many endings and mature themes.

14 Return Of The Obra Dinn

In 2018, Lucas Pope, the developer and creator of Papers, has released a second game, which may vary depending on how many games players are playing, but this game is worth picking up.

With a special compass, you control time and space. It''s your responsibility to deduce what happened on this ship in the sea. Many people have died on the ship, and you''re able to turn back time to learn how and why. This is a first-person detective game that uses a different graphics style.

13 Not Tonight

You''re a fresh bouncer for nightclubs in the United Kingdom. Your goal is to keep a steady job and stay out of frustration so you can become a UK citizen.

This is rather a RPG simulation game with an interesting inventory system layout. Side-scroll through a beautifully pixilated Britain and manage customers. You''ll make sure everyone has their identifications and the necessary proof of being allowed into clubs without going into a waste.

12 Ministry Of Broadcast

The Ministry of Broadcast is a side-scrolling platformer. The stylized graphics would appeal to Papers, Please fans, as well as the humor. You play as a regular Joe, who is forced to survive and complete a complex and dangerous series of puzzles on a hit reality television show controlled by the government.

As the writing for the actors in the world is well done, it appears like a horrifying reality quickly becomes comical. There are several unique death sequences and many endings.

11 No Umbrellas Allowed

No Umbrellas Allowed is established in the future where you operate your own own second-hand shop. People want to sell you items, but you must make sure they are effective worth what they say. Inspect and investigate various items customers bring in, and negotiate prices.

The gameplay is more similar to Papers, so please wake up, go to the store, become a detective, and collect information from customers based off what they provide you, and what you can analyze. This game has several endings.

10 Death And Taxes

Benjamin Franklin used the now-famous phrase behind this game''s title to define one sentence; it''s just a lot of paperwork. In Papers, please, the player was a normal guy who decides to pass the border or not. People are put in the shoes of the Grim Reaper.

Players sift through individual people''s lives on paper and determine if they deserve to keep living on or if their time is short. Death And Taxes has multiple endings and a fully voiced cast.

9 Interrogation: You Will be Deceived

This time, players portray a detective working from outside a police facility. They must interrogate regular people who were arrested and figure out if they committed a crime. But then, the player must release the tape. People may choose to play a good cop/bad cop.

People are able to stop recording and start posing awkward questions or straight-up torture a person. In acting as a professional cop, they''ll need to answer questions in the correct order to persuade the suspect into believing that the truth is true. This is everything before entering the court proceedings.

8 For The People

For The People is a political simulation in which the player is responsible for the side the town leads most towards. In the same way Papers, please does, the player is in charge of what side the town leads most towards. Will his leader be for the people or against them?

This game allows the player to have full control of all actions. Decide how to handle ruffians and people in need. Get information via nefarious means or keep it by the book. Read through all the complaints and cries of the town and try to get all of the endings that the game has to offer.

7 Not For Broadcast

The player, who plays almost like a mixture of Papers, Please, and Five Nights At Freddy, is in charge of streaming television. Ever wondered how news stations shut off so quickly when something bad and unplanned happens? It''s this guy. Or rather, the player.

As the player watches the station, there are many buttons and controls to learn and adjust. Certain things may happen, such as individuals trying to hijack the station to promote other things. Players must decide if it''s something they need to see. Make sure nothing inappropriate or out of line is seen at home or it''s everyone''s heads!

6 VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

As a result of the cyberpunk game The Red Strings Club, the player will have to manage his customers and prepare drinks. Much of the game is focused on interpersonal relationships.

Players interact with customers and influence how their stories unfold. However, they must also try their best to get the player the most value possible. Money may be more important than the players.

5 Suzerain

This game puts players in the position of the next president, and as such, being in such a position of power is frightening and daunting. With a team, discuss politics and the situation of the country with other key people in order to guide your country in the right direction.

Please, unlike Papers, this is a text-based game in which players can pick which path to follow. Some people may be deceitful and the residents may resent choices made, thus the player must keep thei wits about them.

4 We.The Revolution

We. The Revolution has enabled the player to portray a judge in the midst of a revolution. During the day, people can cry all they want, but at the end of the day, it is the judge who picks what happens to them. But the player will not only encounter adolescent criminals, he''ll also have to battle protestors and petty thieves.

We. The Revolution maintains a fantastic graphics design that plays in a satisfying way. Set in the 1700s, players will have the option to outright execute some people. Not only will the public disagree with some choices, but even the player''s family will, too. This is a difficult political simulation game where everyone''s opinions all meet in the player''s courtroom.

3 Beholder 2

Beholder is a 2016 strategic landlord simulator where the player receives to spy on tenants. This means that their personal lives are in the hands of the player. Except, with Beholder 2, the player is an intern at a corporate company. People have the option to expose their corporate bosses or schemes their way to the top. However, people may make similar choices everyday.

Beholder 2 also features newer gameplay compared to the original, as well as a slightly new mode of gameplay in which the setting and people are 3D and the camera is more focused. It''s a bit like if Gearbox ever put out a game about Jack climbing the ranks at Hyperion.

2 The Shrouded Isle

The art style of Return Of The Obra Dinn is similar to that of Return of the Sea. This game takes a more sophisticated approach, where the player is ocean-bound and preparing for a god of the seas. It''s up to players to decide who should be part of their crew, and who is as faithful as you are to the god.

The game is a thrilling and complicated story full of adventure and many choices to be made. Everyone is at the player''s mercy (whether they want to be or not). If the color scheme of the game bothers some players, there are also different options.

1 Field Hospital: Dr. Taylor''''s Story

Field Hospital, a more tame paper management game than the previous, transforms the player into a well-established doctor who must accept and/or reject various patients that come and go. Each patient has different levels of priority to the hospital staff, much like in real life.

People will need to go through each patient''s files to determine how tragic their story is. Who lives and who dies? Who receives top-notch medicine and who must only take some Advil? Is Daniel lying about his symptoms? Field Hospital is a detective game voller gruesome decisions and extensive deducing.