If you like a Citizen Sleeper, here are 5 games to play

If you like a Citizen Sleeper, here are 5 games to play ...

Citizen Sleeper is a great sci-fi film that combines captivating narratives with engaging dice-based gameplay. Basically, its the next indie darling, and we all love an indie darling. The rich visuals make it feel more refined while the complexity of its overarching story gives them an even greater sense of humor.

Because let''s be honest, we played and ended it the day it was released, and you already know that. We all want games that are similar to Citizen Sleeper, and we all wanted it. So, for those who are frantically looking Please Google, I need more Citizen Sleeper in my life, weve got you covered.

5 Tharsis

Tharsis is capable of working on a space station and using randomly generated dice to assist you in navigating difficult situations first. It will not be difficult.

Every decision is tied to RNG, with lengthy choices to complete. But don''t make anything, and you''ll be suffering incredibly severe consequences. Tharsis is very tough as nails, but it is also incredibly rewarding. It''s not all disappointing and gloom. It''s not all frustrating, as it''s tough to do everything you can, and adapting to difficult situations is ultimately making it such a satisfying and - hopefully - rewarding experience. Sure, it doesn''t have the same quality or

4 The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is a fairly robust narrative-driven story from the filmmakers who made Fallout New Vegas. Its packed with tough choices, bleak sci-fi worlds are lathered in a layer of satire, and fun explosive combat that makes lasers appear exciting again.

How does this first-person shooter look like in Citizen Sleeper? Well, mostly in the story department. Both games focus on a distant future that has been damaged by corporations. They both involve a charismatic cast of actors just doing their best to get by, and they both feature difficult choices that will greatly impact your entire experience. Both games remain the same, although the primary narrative-focused experience remains mostly unchanged.

3 Disco Elysium

Because Disco Elysium is now available, the game that feels like it''s on everyone''s list of Ill absolutely play this later just under sit and contemplate my existence rather than playing video games. However, if you have played Citizen Sleeper and loved it, then it may be time to dive into this surreal detective mystery.

Disco Elysium is far more complex and text-heavy than Citizen Sleeper. However, it maintains a lot of the same themes and thematic elements that make it so special. Youll encounter grungy sci-fi locations, encounter a colorful cast of characters, and have a ton of RPG elements to engage with. It is incredibly powerful and powerful, but it does not let any harmonize you. Although it is an entirely unique experience, it does offer a similar atmosphere, tone

2 Dicey Dungeons

Who loves dice? They are also fun to toss around, but having one is not all the more satisfying. Basically, it only makes sense that a game would be made completely based on their features. Dicey Dungeons were also very stunning, spectacular and outrageous.

Dicey Dungeons is a fast-paced roguelike with deck-building elements. In this quirky little adventure title, youll fight off all kinds of monsters. This really reinforces the roguelike experience, which is an inherently randomized genre. However, its gameplay is similar enough that everyone will enjoy it here. After all, it is easily one of the best roguelikes on the Nintendo Switch. What''s not to love?

1 Synergia

If you like visual novels and AI, then Synergia is for you. It features stunning artwork, not unlike Citizen Sleeper, but a fantastic cyberpunk soundtrack, and occasionally fantastic writing. It is a detailed and oftentimes engaging visual novel that will not take you too long to see until the end.

It is lacking in the thrilling gameplay of Citizen Sleeper. However, it more than makes up for it through meaningful choices. Synergia is filled to the brim with powerful scenes that will greatly alter the adventures you undertake. Moreover, discovering yourself within its futuristic, Ghost-In-The-Shell-esque world will not be difficult.