After the End Of Trek to Yomi, We Have 7 Lingering Questions

After the End Of Trek to Yomi, We Have 7 Lingering Questions ...

Most characters are introduced in the artifact category, although most focus on Hiroki''s revenge.

Hiroki''s journey plays a significant role, yet these factors never come to be resolved. Even other parts as ordinary as Hiroki''s past raise up a few questions and theories about the functioning of the Yomi universe. Here are some questions we really want to address.

7 What Are The Tainted And Blighted?

Tainted and Blighted are cannibalistic creatures only appearing in Yomi. Nearly everything else about them is a mystery. Hiroki''s first enters Yomi, usually stay locked behind cages or ignore the protagonist completely. However, some is made to attack Hiroki in an attempt to satisfy their craving for human flesh.

What happened to these creatures? Is it an effect of staying in Yomi for too long or dependent on other actions that have occurred throughout your life? It might be nothing more than every individual seeing other people in Yomi. Tainted and Blighted are the most common part of Trek to Yomi, with many still unclear about their origins.

6 What Are Other People''s Afterlives Like?

Hiroki''s visual representation for Yomi is beneficial to him, especially if Yomi acts as an afterlife or underworld. Especially since the Yomi we see shows the village in which Hiroki was killed. Hiroki even states how his followers were killed during the village slaughter.

Yomi is a sense of awakening to the place where you were murdered, just like with Hiroki and the surrounding area. Or that Yomi reflects the living reality, with structures created from each individual''s psyche.

5 Who Is Leaving All The Drawings Around?

Unlike traditional video game logic, we all accept and treat people who don''t make much sense. For PGs, it''s how collectibles are scattered in the strangest places on the map. It''s a strange amount of diary entries left around dirty abandoned houses. When we get back to it for a minute, it''s odd how normal this is to us, like considering who is leaving Yokai drawings in the huts of the village.

These Yokai drawings are usually found along the story path, with Hiroki always having something to say about them. Hopefully, in an alternate timeline, Hiroki personally thanked the individual who placed these Yokai drawings, which are truly entertaining to read.

What Happens To His Enemies'' Tactics in Hiroki''s Fury?

''bad'' ending of the game is based on Hiroki''s choice to reject Yomi''s gifts, but it does offer a total 180 on his personality, based on the same principle as his enemies, and says he will take what he wants by force. ''It''s not a bad player,'' says the narrator. After losing everything, he decides to exert the same hopes on others.

The dramatic change of Hiroki often slaughtering and assaulting those unaware comes as a surprise, so many have decided to refer to the fury ending as an alternative non-canon ending.

3 How Much More Does Yomi Have To Offer?

Yomi is extensive, but it is likely to be still mostly unexplored once Hiroki returns to the living world. However, how much more have we yet to see of Yomi? Considering the possibility of Yomi being a mirror of the real world or a reflection of an individual, we''ve only seen things from Hiroki''s eyes.

The origins of Yomi include fragmented structures and splintering landmarks. A ruptured reality. It may be endless, like eternity beings can spend there. We''ll most likely never receive confirmation on Yomi''s never-ending nature, instead having to rely on our knowledge of the afterlife.

2 What Were Hiroki''''s Younger Years Like?

It''s very little time spent with young Hiroki as he only briefly appears following Trek to Yomi''s opening. As a kid, Hiroki is shown to be completely dedicated to those he loves, which follows through to his adult counterpart. However, not much else is also found on this page.

Chapter six is the next area in which Hiroki''s childhood is mentioned, where every artifact reveal his past secrets. Including how he was of nobility, which led to his parents'' murder. These revelations can only be discovered if you can find all of the chapter''s artifacts, so we never see much of his childhood for ourselves.

1 Is Yokai a fan of the Yomi Universe Trek?

Every culture has its myths and beliefs. Given that Yomi takes center stage, these beliefs are very much focused on the spiritualistic things. Among them are Yokai drawings that teach players about Japanese mythology. The only time Hiroki fights something that isn''t human is when he fights harmful versions of beings.

There is a lot of mystical happenings in Trek to Yomi, but no Yokai are depicted in this world. It''s likely they did exist, but it was a story choice for them to not be included in the game. Or it might be the kind of folklore built on rumored observations.