Doctor Strange 2 Is Proof That Marvel Cinematic Universe Films Should Give Directors More Control

Doctor Strange 2 Is Proof That Marvel Cinematic Universe Films Should Give Directors More Control ...

The MCU has spent the last 15 years transforming into one of the most successful cinematic monoliths we have ever seen. It spent years developing up to Avengers Endgame, one of the most successful films of all time. Fans tallied the films months before they came out and cinemas packed their screens with nothing but Marvel films for weeks on end. All this is to say, the MCU has gained enough good faith to take some risks, and I wish it would do so more. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is at

The Marvel Film Crimson has a very simple script, including a short playback from the movies. Ant-Man was well-known for its success, but Wright hasn''t been able to hit the stage without the steering wheel. I''m sure the filmmakers would have liked to see it before, so I''m not sure if there was something wrong with it. I just wanted to get Ant-Man in a movie, but I was afraid that it would have been Baby Driver levels of great.

What makes making an appointment on Wright if you want to be very successful? Eternals had Chloe Zhao, but she said she and Marvel met in the middle, and it was going to be successful no matter what - and it was. It received over $150 million on its opening weekend and topped the box office. Why are these individuals so effective?

I understand that Kevin Feige has a master plan and some modifications must be included so that all Phase Four films may have a chronological and narrative twist that will eventually lead to a grand finale like Avengers: Endgame. I believe that these career directors with distinct voices should be allowed to derail years of prep and kill off anyone they want, although, that would keep the stakes high and interesting, but they should be encouraged to make films that stand out from the typical MCU price.

Taika Waititis Thor: Ragnarok rewatched after seeing Doctor Strange 2, but it didn''t hold up as well as I remembered it. There are several impressive scenes that you can tell Waititi had fun with, but the plot isn''t putting anything beyond decent. Hopefully, Marvel now trusts Thor and gives him greater control over: Ragnarok.

The best moments in Doctor Strange 2 are those that feel the most Raimi. Wizard battles became interesting again for the first time since Harry Potter and Voldemort touched wands and ruined on-screen magical fights. Strange, battling his multiversal counterpart with musical notes that sync up with the scores, is exactly what magic should be: creative, interesting, and actually magical. Instead of, well, different coloured lasers zapping each other.

Raimi excels in directing a wonderfully schlocky horror set that erupted on Scarlet Witchs'' destruction of the Illuminati. Characters were introduced just so they could be handled in hilariously gruesome ways. Despite their vastly green-screened footage, Raimi was more susceptible to practical effects.

The MCU was taken on a risk, and it gave the role to a strung-out actor who weighed just a little bit behind him. Robert Downey Jr. led the MCU to great heights because Marvel took a chance. Now, the MCU is in a position where even its flops are box office successes, so it should take advantage of that and take more risks by letting directors inject more of their signature style into their films.

Im claiming it a risk, but it''s only risky to the workers behind the operation. They''re happy to keep pumping out dangerous, grey, middle-of-the-road films that do not shake up the status quo. However, even the most well-known films get stuck eventually, and if they dont begin giving them more control soon, the MCU will remain stable and die a long-term death.