How To Defeat Royal Revenant From Elden Ring

How To Defeat Royal Revenant From Elden Ring ...

Elden Ring''s Royal Revenant is one of the most demanding early-game bosses. It is agile, deadly, and capable of teleporting itself over the battle arena, but if you fail to have a powerful weapon that inflicts Frostbite and isn''t the Icerind Hatchet, this option boss is a must.

The Royal Revenant battle is one that is better suited for magicians due to a unique flaw the boss has. If thats not your build, never fear. With a few additional items, almost any character can use the spells necessary to get down and earn those sweet Runes.

Royal Revenant Overview

Royal Revenant Overview
Location Kingsrealm Ruins
Optional Yes
Summons Yes
Drops 3,100 Runes
Weak To Healing spells

The only royal Revenant boss fight is in Liurnia of the Lakes, in a hidden chamber beneath Kingsrealm Ruins, which youll pass through on your journey to Caria Manor. Deal with the wolves and sorcerers crazed in the ruins on the northern edge. Try it with a jump attack to reveal a hidden staircase, with a fog door leading to the Royal Revenant.

In Caelid''s Sellia Hideaway, Elphael (Miquella''s Haligtree) and the Shaded Castle, you''ll find Royal Revenants as non-boss enemies.

This boss is fast, although the arena is large enough to dodge. And youll want to dodge frequently. A one of the worst attacks is a continuous onslaught of claw slashes that does significant damage if you get caught in it.

One thing that makes this boss unique is its vulnerability to healing magic. Despite being too close to the Royal Revenant, it can be devastating, but if you have far-reaching spells such as Great Heal, it is a viable method of dealing damage and curing your own.

Royal Revenant Attacks

The Royal Revenant has only a few attacks, although it''s easy to get overwhelmed if you get caught up in them. Usually, the location is in a straight line in front of it, often right behind you, and it is clearly telegraphed by a pool of gold and black spirit energy on the floor.

The Royal Revenants attacks are all close-range except its poison spit move, although some of them may also cover a not-insignificant amount of ground.

Royal Revenant Attacks

Ground Slam

The Royal Revenant raises its hand and blasts it into the ground. The raising motion is slow and gives you a lot of time to dodge.

Counter: This attack leaves the Revenant vulnerable to attack for a few seconds. This is the time when you should use a charged strike or jump attack.

Ground Slam

The Royal Revenant raises its hand and blasts it into the ground. The raising motion is slow and gives you plenty of time to dodge.

Counter: A counterattack prevents the Revenant from attacking for a few seconds afterwards. This is a good time to get started with a charged strike or jump attack.


The Revenant climbs across the battlefield and takes a swipe at you. There''s a slight delay between the Revenant preparing the attack and unleashing it, which can make your dodge difficult.

Pay attention to the direction the Revenant is facing, as that''s your clue for where it will attack.

Attack on Teleports

The Royal Revenant disappears into a fog of spirit energy and reappears ready to fight. It will sometimes use a lunge attack or its poison spit move.

Poison Spew

In a straight line, the Revenant removes a stream of poison. The line is short but the rest is still in motion for several seconds.

Use Neutralizing Boluses or any other poison removal technique.


This is the deadliest attack from the Revenants. It attacks you multiple times, pushing you backward and making it difficult to escape.

Counter: Block with a greatshield or perfectly time a dodge. Endurance requires some time.

Royal Revenant Strategies

This boss is difficult to navigate as a melee character, and youll want to take it slow and be patient. Magic users can benefit from Heal to break its guard and deal major damage, and with the right setup, even intelligence and strength builds can use this technique.

If you need a more boost, use the Two Fingers Heirloom and Godricks Great Rune along with a Rune Arc to give you the confidence necessary for at least a basic healing spell.

Melee classes will need to choose their openings carefully after the Revenant attacks, and avoid being too close for longer than it takes to strike it once or twice. This technique will help you create a distraction and allow you to attack more often, though it is the better option here.

The best way to get rid of the Royal Revenant is by using a healing Incantation. Summon the Lone Wolves to create a distraction, get close to the Revenant, and cast your healing spell as often as you can. It should break the boss stance and leave it open for attacks using weapons, or you can simply continue using spells to finish it off.