The 8 Most Hilarious Fictional Sports in Games, Ranked

The 8 Most Hilarious Fictional Sports in Games, Ranked ...

When it comes to video games, the realms of reality are often inadequate. Sure, developers have a lot to choose from, but do you think that normal American football will be in a dystopian cyberpunk future? Wouldnt it be cooler if you replaced the players with spike studded mechs?

Outside of Japan, sports animated games have never been released.

Some fictional sports that come out of games appear to be feasible, while others will just make you sit back and scratch your head. Sure, you might have a literal javelin missile throwing contest, but why would you? Look at your cleats too. It''s time to get weird.

8 Soccer, But With Sweet Cars: Rocket League

If the phenomenon of Rocket League has escaped you, let this entry clarify this: Rocket League is a free-to-play game where you play a game like soccer, but instead of using your feet, youre utilizing rocket-powered sports cars. This sounds awkward, though, and is notoriously expensive. "It would never work."

If you think about it, people inject money into this absolutely ridiculous concept, making it a worldwide phenomenon. Who has that kind of capital to throw away? And, importantly, who counts?

7 The Most Xtreme Sport: Toxic Grind

If youre worried about your usual doom, you get ripped from time with a toxin that will kill you. If you try to do something in an Tony Hawk trick battle inside a spinning blade, you may get scared.

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Even if Toxic Grind was launched in 2002 for the Xbox, it screams the 1990s. And, like some Mountain Dew flavors that were later released in the same era, you''ll likely want to forget you tried it, despite its kooky logic.

6 Pretty Much All Of It: Numan Athletics

The individuals representing the next phase of human evolution would have more on their mind than competing against each other in a series of bizarre sporting events, but not these guys! Instead of saving the world or permitting their bodies to be studied by science, these super powered mutants instead examine themselves how much farther they can throw rockets than anyone else, or proving that they can leap over a waterfall.

Numen Athletics featured six quite simple minigames that tested your reflexes and speed. Like most of these games, Numan Athletics provided a system in which you could compete against your friends in half as you could. Now there is a sport to live up the Olympics.

5 Racketball Deathmatch: Lethal League

Think back to an elementary school baseball player who liked batting with the ball rather than throwing home runs. Then consider going straight to the point where you can learn the lesson learned from the game. A mixture of a fighting game and a tennis smatter, lethal League rules, like they seem, are: hit other people as hard as you can with the ball, but don''t you want to do so!

The game and its sequel, Lethal League Blaze, are incredibly fun to play, requiring precise timing and skill, but the actual sport is a bit strange, because competitors are constantly trying to kill their opponents with a small, electronic ball.

Ninja Golf is a wildly successful game of golf.

Although golf may require some stretching up to make you interested, you might be excused for believing that adding hordes of Ninjas trying to cut you into ribbons in between holes might be a bit too much cayenne. This is exactly the flavor that Blue Sky Software added to the nostalgic nostalgia of the sport when it released Ninja Golf in 1990.

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The game never explains why you should get rid of many enemies, but lets hope you werent planning to have a few drinks with your buddies during a relaxing game. All of them have been eaten by mutant frogs.

3 Axe Pong: Log Jammers

You might think that Log Jammers would be a lumberjack-themed simulator where you don''t throw hatchets at other people. You may be wrong. This pong-inspired game involves you, sometimes a lumberjack, sometimes a bear, and a skeleton, laying on a log and trying to throw your axe at an opponent goalpost. Here, you will need to get in front of that golden circle of steel and catch it in midair.

Your characters aren''t too concerned with this idea. After all, they are all hairy, muscled men and ogres who probably eat gravel for breakfast only to demonstrate how tough they are. However, this does not eliminate the danger of getting a sharp stick back and forth between friends, or render it any less harmful.

Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden in 2 Mystical Basketball

Barkley, Shut Up, and Jam: Gaiden is a game, one that is so powerful that thousands of Basketball players were killed in retaliation after one Chaos Dunk left a crater of what was once Manhattan Island. However, some players remain to use their powers for good. Charles Barkley, who is the one thing standing between our world and the flames of chaos, is one of the most powerful players in basketball.

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Barkley, Shut Up, and Jam were all free of the competition, bringing a JRPG style cyberpunk world where basketball is a form of magic and a single dunk unleashes cosmic powers.

Baseball Is 1 Sort, But Not Really: Blaseball

Beginning in 2020, as an ongoing alternate reality baseball simulator in which you may vote to change the rules of the game, and players of the ridiculously named teams would be slashed by rogue umpires. Stats like Unthwackability and Shakespearianism? A team that has somehow gained electric blood? Is this still a sport?

While you may never see Blaseball actually played, and as a result of other sports games, you aren''t the one who plays the sport, Blaseball has one of the most surreal narratives ever conceived, imagining you, as soon as you have just discovered the game by accident, that you have fallen into another world.

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