The Most Powerful Creature Types in Magic the Gathering, Ranked

The Most Powerful Creature Types in Magic the Gathering, Ranked ...

10 Angels

Despite her age, Baneslayer Angel still sees play throughout Standard formats in which she was reprinted. This is an indication of the tribe''s high individual card power.

Due to the increasing number of Angel cards printed across recent sets, players have attempted to make a competitive Angel tribal deck in the current Standard format. Despite the addition of Giada and Font of Hope, many observers have expressed their hope that Angel tribal might come to an end, although the first tournaments in the New Capenna Standard have been sadly missed due to doubts. While Angels are certainly one of the most flavorful and beloved creatures in all of Magic history, they often see play in Standard as shown by cards like

9 Merfolk

Because of the increasing speed of the format and the printing of extremely cheap removal spells, Merfolk is the best example of how tribal decks were created to function. This is through the use of a "lord" card, which is a tool that improves the power and toughness of other tribe creatures in play.

Merfolk became a Modern meta deck primarily owing to its access to a wide variety of inexpensive lords, including Lord of Atlantis, Master of the Pearl Trident, and Merrow Reejerey. However, there are currently many Modern players out there who wish to see the deck again shine in the limelight.

8 Spirits

Spirits is the most recent tribal deck to emerge across several constructed metas. After many Spirit printings, the tribe finally crossed the threshold of playable Spirits that would make the tribe a real contender. Modern Spirits players have long debated whether the deck is better with or without the inclusion of a green and Collected Company. To today, you may still find players who argue for one side or the other.

Spirits are known for their tempo playstyle and flying keyword, making them evasive threats that are good at controlling whatever it is your opponent''s deck is trying to accomplish. It should also be noted that mono-blue Spirit cards in Magic history include Mausoleum Wanderer, Rattlechains, Geist of Saint Traft, and Spell Queller.

7 Goblins

Goblins are the first tribe to show off their competitiveness. Moreover, the Goblin King is the first tribe to see tribal support in Magic since the introduction of Onslaught block in 2002. In fact, these giant goblins had so many opportunities that the unassuming card Lackey was later banned in the Extended format (Extended would later be replaced by Modern).

More recently, the Goblin tribal was ruled Historic for some time thanks to Muxus and Goblin Grandee''s metagame percentage. On the other hand, Goblins are well-known for symbiotic interactions and often humorous ways. Goblins are not above sacrificing one another repeatedly to win the game. Goblin Piledriver, Goblin Warchief, Siege-Gang Commander, Skirk Prospector, Krenko, Mob Boss, and Goblin Matron are some of the

6 Dragons

Dragons are a powerful creature type that has received amazing cards within every color of mana. Often characterized by their access to Flying and sturdiness, dragons evasively deal huge sums of damage to opponents, revealing a variety of usefulness thanks to their distinct abilities. While Dragons like Old Gnawbone and Savage Ventmaw are capable of functioning as a offense-oriented ramp.

Dragons have always been known as aggressive late game threats in casual and competitive play, according to Magic hall-of-famer Brian Kibler. As far as competitive play, cards like Stormbreath Dragon, Goldspan Dragon, and Murktide Regent have achieved impressive results at tournaments past and present. Due to the innately high power of Dragon cards, there''s almost always at least one of these scaly adversaries rearing its head in every Standard and Modern meta.

5 Demons

Demons, a creature genre closely linked to black mana, have distinctive abilities that have dramatic and powerful effects. Often heavy-hitting finishers in a wide range of decks, various Demons have made a significant impact on standards, modern, and Legacy.

With the release of almost every set, new powerful Demons are introduced, which means there is almost always a relevant demon inside the Standard format, while the best creatures of the type will continue to influence formats such as Modern as late-game threats and perfect targets for cards such as Sneak Attack and Show and Tell. While Demons are far from the most synergistic creatures, many Demons are able to single-handedly provide absurd amounts of value with impressive demonic standouts including Griselbrand, Ob Ni

4 Vampires

Vampires are a traditionally aggressive creature type that can provide different kinds of benefits. As one expects from Vampires, this creature type is often able to drain an opponent''s life total, thus giving their controller the option to live there in the process.

Vampires have appeared in various color identities, including Rakdos and Mardu, and have impacted Standard regularly. In the Commander format, Vampires have access to one of the most powerful tribal commander options in Edgar Markov, a Mardu commander that allows Rakdos and Orzhov Vampires to be unified within the same deck.

3 Eldrazi

Eldrazi, a creature type emblazoned with late-game finishers, displays play in different formats, such as Standard, Modern, and Commander.

Eldrazi is capable of turning the tide of a game as soon as they''re played, forcing opponents to sacrifice several permanents through the Annihilator capabilities, or even permitting extra turns to be taken in the game. While many lesser impactful Eldrazi have been printed in sets like Battle for Zendikar, remarkable mythic-rare Eldrazi are among the most significant single-creature threats in the game.

2 Elves

Elves are a highly synergistic creature type known for their ability to produce significant amounts of mana as well as the ability to flood the board with additional Elves. This creature has long had a reputation in many formats, including with innovative decks such as Modern and Legacy. They are able to provide incredible mana ramps, leading to even more Elves who early into a game are threatening.

Elf decks have access to several great commanders within the Commander format, including Lathril, Blade of the Elves, Marwyn, the Nurturer, and Ezuri, Renegade Leaderaaaa. Due to their incredible synergies, it''s often difficult to deal with Elf decks, as simply removing a single Elf from play will not deal with the larger problem at hand. Craterhoof Behemoth has long been a popular finisher in many

1 Humans

Humans are by and large the most heavily played creature in all of Magic. Despite being traditionally associated with the white side of the color pie, a slew of Human cards have been created in every color combination. This allows Human tribal decks to offer synergistic interactions and effects from every color in the format.

Magic is filled to the test with countless fantastic and powerful Human cards, including Mantis Rider, Snapcaster Mage, Thalia''s Lieutenant, Dark Confidant, Noble Hierarch, and others. It''s not just Humans, however, who make Magic incredible in the first place.