The Top 8 Game Games

The Top 8 Game Games ...

Games have a long history, from humble beginnings in Pong to the multi-billion dollar industry they are nowadays. And yeah, lots of games are filled to the brim with DLC and microtransactions to get you dry, but there are still a few that are deep secrets.

Although it was perhaps not as commonplace, many games might hide altogether other games inside them. Not only mini-games, but full-fledged retail releases. Games are so massive now that such a thing is quite difficult, but there''s no concern that can beat playing a game only to discover another one hidden inside.

8 Doom Eternal - Doom 1 & 2

Who hasn''t heard of Doom at this point? It is not only one of the most famous FPS available, but it is also the bedrock for so many games that it has been ported so many times that even Resident Evil 4 does not set a precedent.

Although Doom and its sequel are bundled in Doom Eternal as unlockables, it''s not that shocking considering the series'' legacy of ports. It''s a great homage to its history, and allows you to experience the vast history of FPS games, as well as a controller.

The Original Metroid Zero Mission, The 7 Metroid Zero Mission

When you look at Metroid, the original is set on Zebes as Samus battles Space Pirates who stole Metroids, and then Super Metroid is fast a remake of the original, with Samus returning to Zebes. However, Zero Mission is actually a remake of the original, which includes elements from Super Metroid and Fusion.

Despite the fact that every game is quite simple, get in, kill the seemingly extinct Metroids, and escape before everything comes to an end. Zero Mission goes a step further and adds a section with Zero Suit Samus to the endgame, as a reward for all the activities, and even allows you to play the original Metroid as a comparison to the remake.

6 Project Gotham Racing - Geometry Wars

PGR was the pioneering Xbox racer, focusing on vehicular exhibitionism, but was eventually defeated by Forza.

PGR2 also included something similar to other racing games, such as Geometry Wars. It was a simple little twin-stick shooter that became so popular it was made into its own game from then on.

Timesplitters 2: 5 Housefront: The Revolution

The Homefront games haven''t had the greatest success, because it was poorly received at the start of the game, and was then lost in the THQ bankruptcy dealings before being sold around until a sequel was completed. The result was basically unreported for all of the same reasons.

Homefront: The Revolution migrated to an open world with deeper weapon customization, which was just about the only thing it was praised for until levels of Timespllitters 2 were discovered on in-game arcade cabinets. Even more interesting, the whole game was included and at 4K, although the means to access it was lost until recently.

4 Celeste - Celeste Classic

Celeste is a fantastic little gem. It has received huge acclaim, and at the same time. Perhaps you want a challenging platformer, perhaps you like the art style, or perhaps you like the uplifting nature of a story about acceptance and overcoming that which you keep down, no matter what. It''s a little something for everybody.

Celeste we know and love is not the original. In fact, Celeste was originally created within four days as part of a game jam before becoming a whole game. In fact, Celeste Classic is actually hidden away in a secret area in Celestial Resort Side A, completely from beginning to end, all as a little bonus.

3 Uncharted 4 - Crash Bandicoot

Naughty Dog has had quite a variety of games across their history that one might argue that they had only become more adult in tone as the game went on. From being the original developers of Crash Bandicoot, to being the original developers of the Jak and Daxter games, to being Uncharted and The Last of Us. Each new series is even heavier on gameplay and is even more linear.

Though Uncharted 4 concludes the story of Nathan Drake, it''s also a celebration of Naughty Dog''s more inventive past. By the beginning of the game, Nathan and Elena are sat down playing the original Crash Bandicoot that you actually get to play yourself until you win or lose. It''s also remarkable as an homage, but sad that it has to be hampered by Activision''s current owners and their unfair treatment of employees.

2 Yakuza - Arcade Classics

There''s absolutely nothing else like the Yakuza games. Many people have claimed them to being a Japanese GTA, but that''s an unbelievable surface-level analysis. Where GTA revels in high-level chaos, Yakuza reveals itself in the minute details of the city and the diverse people involved.

Yakuza features a number of real-life Japanese towns that were no longer owned by Sega today, while the Sega Arcades are still alive, with many classics, from Outrun to Virtua Fighter, all playing in their entirety, with some of them as the only western releases of such games.

1 Animal Crossing - NES Games

Animal Crossing has reached absurd heights on Switch, releasing at a time when a quaint, ordinary life was all you needed. It was a way to stay connected and live a life a bit more calm than your real one. It is also a great game that would''ve sold amazing and been appreciated no matter what.

The original Animal Crossing for GameCube came with something nobody else can boast, and that is full-fledged NES games. Throughout the game, you could collect cartridges, and even boot them up and play them. In fact, the only reason Nintendo did not remove the virtual console was because of the previous consoles, which is a fairly bizarre fact to come to terms.