Walkthrough for Cyberpunk 2077: Queen Of The Highway Side

Walkthrough for Cyberpunk 2077: Queen Of The Highway Side ...

Cyberpunk 2077 has been packed with opportunities to explore and interesting characters to meet. These characters and the quests associated with them are among the game''s finest content. Each new character V meets has different goals and challenges and often requires lengthy lengthy quests to follow.

Panam Palmer, a mercenary like V, and a prospective romance option if the player chooses to be male. A long and enjoyable journey to romance Panam, which includes several side quests, will lead to a side job named the Queen of the Highway, where you may lock in the choice to romance this character.

Starting Queen Of The Highway

To start this mission, you will need to complete the side job named With A Little Help from My Friends. After completion, you will have to wait 24 hours in-game, and you will receive a call from Panam.

Panam will tell you that the Basilisk is ready to drive. Tell her you want to take it and then make your way to the mission marker.

This is the mission that will determine whether V joins into a romance with Panam or not, so if you want to ensure you have taken all of the correct steps, here''s a Cyberpunk romance and relationships guide.

Speak With Mitch And Panam

The first step in this effort is to simply speak with Panam and Mitch as they complete the repairs on the Basilisk.

Once the vehicle is completed, take your lead back to the next level. Panam works out the kinks of this tank-like automobile, there will be a timed conversation option, so keep your eyes peeled.

Accept to include your car in the vehicle once the brief chat has ended.

Learning The Basilisk: Panam Romance Option

With the Basilisk ready to go, it is time to learn its controls, and, if you have followed these steps up until this point, lock in your romance with Panam.

Follow Panams instructions, learning how to move the vehicle by using it to a series of wind turbines. Following this, having access to automobile guns, shoot each of the five targets you have presented.

Panam will now ask you if you want to enhance your romance pursuit. Accept the opportunity to continue the romance questline.

To lock into your new relationship with Panam, you must be male V for this to work, and choose the dialog option: (Let Panam touch you) Oh, yeah. Lets go. This will lead to a sex scene with Panam.

This is the point for you to conclude your romantic endeavors: Nice, but I have had enough of the time.

Learning The Basilisk: No Romance

The process of learning the Basilisk without the romance aspect is relatively similar.

Through traversing the wind turbines, learn the vehicle controls. Upon completion, shoot each of the five targets to complete the task.

Take Out The Raffen Shiv

As a group 28, you will be rudely interrupted as a group 28 to be exact about Raffen Shiv assaulting the Basilisk and the camp if you have taken part in the Panams romance scene.

Take out the 28 enemies, utilizing what you learned from the previous steps to assist you.

You will need to re-equip all your amour if you initiated the sex scene with Panam, because, well, you got the point.

Head Back To Camp

After defeating the Raffen Shiv, head back to camp with Panam. Here, she will offer you a drink, lemonade, or beer, and you may continue chatting with her once more.

V can refuse to answer her request, therefore they pass out due to a Johnny chip.

V will sleep in the Panams tent as he''s recovered and have the chance to explain their condition.

Panam''s Vs affliction will be offered assistance to no avail until she has been revealed.

Once this conversation has been completed, the final step of this quest is to leave the camp with Panam.

If the need arises, she will provide the assistance of her and her crew during this final conversation.

Ending this side job brings Cyberpunk 2077 to an end, permettant Panam to give their time of need.

Panam Romance Details Added In Patch 1.5

Prior to the recent patch 1.5 and Next-Gen update, this would be where your involvement with Panam s''acheves until the end of the game.

If you chose to romance this character, she will now send you some rather explicit messages and sometimes wakes up next to V in their apartment. This second addition adds some much-needed immersion to the games romantic storylines.