10 Melee Fighting Tips for Cyberpunk 2077

10 Melee Fighting Tips for Cyberpunk 2077 ...

When the game was first launched, the melee combat system used in Cyberpunk 2077 was evidently poor. However, since the game was introduced, things have been looking up for the melee mechanic and CD Projekt Red''s passion project on the whole.

While the melee system may have some remaining kinks to work out, one can still have fun with a melee build, whether it''s with fists or by speccing into the Blades Tree. Here are some of the best melee fighting tips weve found that should help you make the most of your melee combat.

Cyberpunk 2077 has been updated to include some basic techniques to combat the game''s many enemies in true RPG style. In this case, a sniper or sword-wielding ninja can also fight with one''s hands, creating a unique set of challenges. In this case, a face-to-face version of V can be deadly enough to fight through Night City like a cybernetically enhanced Bruce Lee.

13 Practice With The Training Robot

V will have two early opportunities to practice combat with a training dummy during the game''s tutorial, and the second is near to V''s gym apartment. It''s right opposite the Second Amendment Weapons shop.

Speak to Fred sitting on the bench, and he will offer V an opportunity to prove himself against the training robot.

  • Instead of trying to beat the robot straight away, practice V''''s dodges and counterattacks.
  • This will mean V will likely lose to the robot but take the opportunity to practice the dodge mechanic and counterattack timing.

12 Accept Fred''''s Tournament Offer

When you feel comfortable with melee combat techniques, it''s time to give the robot a beat down. After defeating the robot, approach and speak to Fred sitting on the bench.

He will offer V the chance to gain ground in ranked melee encounters across Night City. These are excellent strategies to take part, because not only do they offer great rewards, but it is also the perfect way to get better at the game''s melee fighting.

11 Stick, Move, And Be Unpredictable

For a first-person action RPG, the hand-to-hand combat in Cyberpunk 2077 is surprisingly beneficial. This extends to the game''s artificial intelligence. As a result, it is unwise to just stand up against an opponent and swing for the fences.

V will be predictable, and the AI will counter and dodge any attack with ease. It''s better to go into the melee combat with a boxing-like mindset, and utilize all of the V''s tools to their disposal.

  • Use the space around V and keep moving. Sometimes it''''s better to stick and move with powerful opponents.
  • Use counterattacks and dodge when appropriate, but don''''t overuse the mechanics.
  • Use a variety of combos after a successful dodge.
  • Keep a close eye on V''''s stamina and don''''t let it drop below half.

10 Figures Out How To Bait Out the Same Move Over And Over

Armed with the Cyberpunk melee system, enemies will unleash a relatively small list of moves depending on how close V is to them, as shown as day during the Beat on the Brat Missions. For example, Cyberpunk 2077''s melee fighters usually unleash one of these moves:

  • A combo attack of three to four maneuvers usually involves a kick or strong attack.
  • A gap-closer move such as Cesar Diego Ruizs Jumping Punch.
  • Some guard-breaking moves followed by a big swing, such as Rhino''''s shove into a haymaker.
  • One or two swift swings with a melee weapon.

These approaches are fairly straightforward to trick the AI into performing over and over. For example, if one sticks insanely close to Rhino while she is concentrating only on counters, they''ll notice that she falls back on the shove into a haymaker move 95% of the time. Understanding how to manipulate the AI is an easy way to take an already powerful melee build and strengthen it.

9 Countering Is Safer Than Dodging

Even if their feet are snugly planted, aliens seem to suction themselves towards V, but this bug has experienced some noticeable improvements as time has passed.

Although the counter-system is a bit more reliable, it is also possible to escape the combo-string for those who aren''t sure about their reaction time. However, running away from a combo-string works as long as V is in full sprint.

8 Get Gorilla Arms ASAP

Like trying to defeat a wall until it crumbles, trying to complete the Beat on The Brat sidequests is like doing research. It''s possible, but it''s not exactly the best approach.

Here''s an explanation for the drawbacks of using the Beat on The Brat sidequests without Gorilla Arms to prove it.

  • Enemies can damage V through their counter/block.
  • Punches dont do any damage.
  • Its much more difficult to stun enemies in general.
  • Gorilla Arms (or Mantis Blades for blade builds) simply make the melee system more enjoyable.

7 Charge Up Strong Attacks With Gorilla Arms

When one first unlocks and installs the Gorilla Arms, it appears like it will simply increase V''s melee damage. But they include their mechanic in the form of the Charged Strong Attacks.

As V collects more standard hits, a new UI bar shows up. The more damage V will do next time they unleash a strong attack, the damage increase from this isn''t negligible either; it''s pretty substantial at max charge.

6 Support Cyberware: Slow Time, AOE Blast, and ETC

As effective as the Gorilla Arms are, they aren''t the only Cyberware that will assist V out in a pinch. There are quite a few Cyberware that are specifically useful for a melee build.

  • Adrenaline Booster: Returns a percentage of V''''s stamina whenever they defeat an enemy. (Based on its rarity).
  • Microgenerator: Releases an electric shock whenever V''''s HP gets below a certain percentage.
  • Shock-And-Awe: Has the same effect as the Microgenerator, but the shock triggers on-hit rather than at a percentage of health.
  • Syn-Lungs: Increases overall stamina regen. (Based on its rarity).
  • Kerenzikov: Attacking, aiming, or blocking while dodging/sliding triggers a time dilation effect.
  • Bionic Lungs: Increases overall stamina by a percentage. (Based on its rarity).
  • Dense Marrow: Increases melee damage and stamina usage.
  • Microrotors: Increases melee attack speed.
  • Microvibration Generator: Increases melee damage.

That''s just a percentage of Cyberware that is specialized in melee combat. It''sn''t even close to covering them all.

Before you get rid of any bogus obstacle, here are 5 things you need to know.

This next tip is less about one-on-one melee combat, but also about how one can enjoy themselves a little more with a melee build in Cyberpunk. Countless melee-master V roleplayers have accidentally offed themselves by hitting explosive containers or becoming shredded by a Security Turret from afar. However, there''s a solution to this, and it''s quite simple. Eliminate the security precautions beforehand!

Even with a basic Cyberdeck, shooting all containers might be a bit difficult to go in all stealthy, but turning off cameras and turrets is quite straightforward. V''s swing (especially with melee weapons) is quite wide, so getting rid of these "landmines" before the big showdown will make the game more enjoyable overall.

4 Get Some Crowd-Control Quickhacks

Street Brawler and Boston build roleplayers should investigate what Quickhacks work best for them. For example, these Quickhacks are incredibly useful for devying enemies while V runs up to them:

  • Reboot Optics
  • Short Circuit
  • Weapon Glitch Quickhacks

There are many powerful Breach Protocol Daemons, including Mass Vulnerability (which reduces Physical Resistance by 30%). This Daemon makes it so that every punch, slash, or swing appears twice as explosive! While it may seem odd to combine the caveman-like skill of punching/hitting things hard, they combine quite nicely.

3 Make Enemies Fight With Melee Weapons

This is the first one for those who wish to try and build a range of different melee weapons or want the specific Epic/Legendary variant to be dropped. In Cyberpunk 2077, enemies tend to drop whatever weapon they used upon their death. So, if V storms up on some gang member with a bat and forces them to remove their cleaver, that''s probably going to be what drops when they''re killed.

Note: Being able to manipulate the AI into doing this isn''t always the easiest task, so this strategy is only recommended for tank builds.

2 Most Enemy Attacks Have Super Armor

This is something to be particularly careful of, because it can ruin what appears to be the winning combination against tough competitors like Rhino or Razor.

Most Cyberpunk opponents appear to have super armor on their attacks, thus there is virtually no chance to stun them out of their animation or interrupt it. Rather, focus on dodging, running, or countering.

1 Use Target Analysis For Melee Builds

The final little tip on this list is a good timesaver for people who use the outrageous Mantis Blades, or those who are unlucky enough to trigger finisher animations too often. The one for the Mantis Blades, in particular, is quite long and may hurt V rather than assist them if it triggers in the middle of a firefight.

Because, unlike most other games, V is not invincible during this animation, so they can get pumped full of holes while it plays out. Target Analysis, a type of Optics, is perfect for this, making all weapons non-lethal by default.