Magic: The Gathering: 14 of Magic's Most Powerful Bant Commanders

Magic: The Gathering: 14 of Magic's Most Powerful Bant Commanders ...

14 Rigo, Streetwise Mentor

Rigo, a stylish and somewhat simple, is a solid commander option for people who want to utilize smaller evasive creatures to confront their opponents. Rigo gets a 2/2 for three mana, putting it on the battlefield with a shield counter, posing a layer of protection that allows it to stick around the board without surviving the opponent''s removal.

Rigo''s second advantage is that when its controller attacks a player or planeswalker with one or more creatures with a power of one or less, its controller may draw a card. When paired with evasive small-sized creatures capable of consistently keeping an eye on one''s opponents each turn, a three-mana creature that can reliably provide additional card draw on each of its controller''s turn is nothing to shake a stick at.

13 Kros, Defense Contractor

Kros'' Defense Contractor is a unique Bant commander that can be used to direct opponents'' rage at each other. A 2/4 for four mana, a player provides an opponent''s creatures with protection. When its controller uses counters of any kind on a creature they do not control, the creature is tapped, goaded, and gains trample until its Kros'' controller''s next turn.

By tapping that creature, it reduces an opponent''s defenses and, by goading it, ensures that the creature will be used to damage other opponents rather than Kros'' controller. This allows it to be a very distinct counter-based commander, where a deck is encouraged to place counters on other players'' creatures rather than those of one''s own.

12 Phelddagrif

Many players regard Phelddagrif as a joke commander as one of the world''s top Group Hug commanders. Despite this, there is still some truth to this, but there is still a lot to be learned about the political negotiation power that Phelddagrif has for the moment in a multiplayer environment.

Phelddagrif has three activated abilities that provide a minor benefit while assisting another player. For one white mana, Phelddagrif may offer two life opportunities, including one blue mana, where he may draw a card, and for a green mana, it may create a 1/1 hippo token under another player. These benefits can be recovered through spells like Reverse the Sands and Reins of Power.

11 Perrie, The Pulverizer

Perrie, the commander of the prefabricated Commander deck, is a counter-based commander who cares about one''s counters rather than the quantity. A 3/3 for four mana, when Perrie enters the battlefield, it puts a shield counter on a target creature.

While this flexible protection is nice, the meat and potatoes of this commander are that whenever Perrie attacks, target animals receive +X/+X and trample until the end of the turn, with X being equal to the number of different types of counters on permanents its owner controls. This means that the greater Perrie''s advantage may be from the early days of Magic.

10 Rafiq of the Many

Rafiq of the Many was once one of the most popular commanders in the format, but some have grown to view the situation less favourably. In addition to its access to Exalted, Rafiq further encourages its controller to only attack with one creature at a time.

Rafiq can swing in for eight damage for only four mana, increasing when combined with equipment and other creatures with exalted, making the goal of defeating players with Commander Damage incredibly simple.

9 Galea, Kindler of Hope

The most recent printed entry on this list, Galea, and the Kindler of Hope, is another Voltron commander option, comparable to Rafiq. This vigilant 4/4 allows its controller to look at their library at any time.

This is especially notable as Galea allows its controller to play equipment and aura spells from the top of its owner''s library, even if it is directly attached to one creature. This is quite powerful because it does not only provide additional card access, but it also allows it to support substantial equip costs, thus avoiding them entirely.

8 Estrid, the Masked

Estrid, the Masked, a four-mana Planeswalker more capable of being one''s commander, is a great option for those looking to play an aura-based Bant deck. Versatile in terms of aura synergies, Estrid can untap any enchanted permanent with its +2, potential bringing him a ramp when targeting the likes of an enchanted land or mana-producing creature.

When short on aura''s Estrid''s -1 can create a Mask aura enchantment that can provide any permanent with totem armor, while its ultimate -7 ability mills seven, then putting all enchantments from its controller''s graveyard into play, potentially encasing high-impact cards!

7 Roon of the Hidden Realm

Flicker decks are ones that aim to gain retaliation from "enter the battlefield" triggers from creatures. Roon of the Hidden Realm, an iconic Bant flicker commander, is a 4/4 rhino soldier with vigilance and trample for five mana.

Roon makes a great use of its keywords once in play, but for two mana it can be tapped to exile a creature, reintroduced it to the battlefield at the beginning of the next end step. This ability may not only flicker one''s own creatures, but it may also be used to interfere with an opponent''s intentions by targeting key creatures such as blockers or those stacked with auras and equipment cards.

6 Falco Spara, Pactweaver

The leader of the Streets of New Capenna''s Brokers division, Falco Spara, and Pactweaver is a commander who allows a player to convert counters on their creatures into card advantage. Falco Spara is a 3/3 bird Demon with flying and trample for four men, and this creature receives a shield counter. Although shield counters offer excellent protection, this creature also provides additional capabilities.

The most important aspect of Falco Spara is that as long as the player removes a counter from a creature, the player may continue to cast spells at a different time. This can also ensure that the opponent has a wide range of additional cards, and that the player may still play spells even if their hand has been dry.

5 Angus Mackenzie

Angus Mackenzie is currently one of the most costly potential commanders in the whole set of cards on the Reserved List, which only saw a single printing in Legends.

A Bant 2/2 for three mena, and an additional three mana can be tapped, preventing all combat damage that would be dealt that turn. Although fog is a spell that only costs one mana, and this ability costs three to activate, it is also a trap for decks who seek to win by using combat damage.

4 Tuvasa The Sunlit

Tuvasa the Sunlit is a pretty straightforward option for an enchantment-based Commander deck. A 1/1 for three mena, Tuvasa gets +1/+1 for each enchantment, which allows it to grow quite large in the correct deck.

Besides, when the controller player''s first enchantment of a turn, they may draw a card, meaning Tuvasa is a constant source of additional card draw each turn.

3 Arcades, The Strategist

Walls is a fantastic option for those looking to get the most defensive creature type in all of Magic: a low-power, high-toughness creature, but Arcades not only states that creatures under its owner''s control with a defender can not only attack, but they also may assign combat damage if they''re tough.

Despite this fact being already quite solid and comparable to the Abzan commander, Doran and the Seige Tower, this flying elder dragon allows its controller to draw a card whenever a creature with defender enters the battlefield.

2 Derevi, Empyrial Tactician

Derevi, an Empyrial Tactician, has an impressive commander for three people, including one who can tap or remove the target permanent whenever it enters the battlefield or when a creature under its owner''s control commits damage to a player.

This skill is both flexible and powerful, capable of untaping mana ramps, untap combo pieces, or tap down key cards of an opponent. Even if Derevi were to be removed, it would subvert Commander Tax, citing an option that requires only a pay of four mana for the bird to be put into play.

1 Chulane, Teller Of Tales

Chulane, the Teller of Tales, is by and large one of the best commanders in the entire Commander format. While mana ramp and card draw are often considered two of the most crucial features in Commander, Chulane offers both.

When Chulane''s controller casts a creature, they can draw a card and put an additional land from their hand into play. As if this weren''t already strong enough, Chulane can be tapped for three mana, repurposing a creature to its owner''s hand, allowing its abilities to be triggered once again.