Every Planet in Star Wars KOTOR is ranked in the Star Wars series

Every Planet in Star Wars KOTOR is ranked in the Star Wars series ...

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic offers a variety of familiar locations for long-time Star Wars fan to explore, including several new planets. The game''s planets transcend your standard Star Wars setting, plunging you into living, breathing environments that make KOTOR one of the franchise''s best.

These towns, from Dantooine''s rolling hills to Taris'' vibrant landscape, are as varied as they are immersive, particularly considering KOTOR is approaching 20 years old. Whether you like helping rural farmers settle disputes or you prefer being lost in a city''s dark underbelly, KOTOR has a planet for you.

13 Peragus II - Leave It In The Dust

The tutorial planet in KOTOR 2 is infamous as one of the most enjoyable in the series. While Obsidian was careful to make the spacesuit walking section faster than its KOTOR counterpart, this first section is still in play.

Several expository scenes slow progress, and the similar-looking areas and the smattering of annoying droids prolong this area. While certain revelations, like Jedi being hunted, set an eerie tone, the bland context of Peragus'' facility feels unconsequential once it is destroyed during your escape.

12 Dantooine - A Home Where Padawans Roam

Dantooine''s first appearance is comfortable and calming, portraying it as a quiet world of farmers living alongside the Jedi Academy. During KOTOR 1, Dantooine is a safe haven for you to return, recuperate, trade, and discuss progress with the Jedi.

The second appearance of Dantooine in KOTOR 2 is far more dreadful, as the Jedi Academy is in ruins, and the planet is overrun by looters and mercenaries. A makeshift government maintains a semblance of order on this decaying planet, with little to offer except for wild beasts and remnants of Jedi who once protected Khoonda.

11 Manaan, Stare At The Ocean One Last Time

Manaan''s surface is covered with sparkling seas adorned with pearly-white floating cities. The two''s quests consist of detective work and an ensuing court case where you lawyer-up and defend Sunry, a Republic veteran accused of murder.

The beauty and intrigue of Manaan make him think of being the only planet on earth where you can be exiled. Manaan''s underwater spacesuit section is notoriously slow, as your movement decreases to agonizing speeds.

10 Telos IV - A Planet On Survival Brink

Telos was the first planet in the Republic''s post-war restoration project, teasing the edge of destruction. You arrive at the space station floating above Telos, but later escape to the surface: a beautiful wasteland of grasslands, glittering water, and breathtaking snowy mountains.

Unfortunately, your return to Telos near the endgame is ruined by a Sith attack on its already fragile ecosystem, making Telos never restore glory, instead avoiding enemies.

9 Korriban - The Barren Sith World

The dark, sandy surface of Korriban contrasts Jedi twin Dantooine, and reveals you to the cutting-throat world of Sith academia in KOTOR. The star of KOTOR 2 is the backdrop for dark powers hidden in the planet''s caves.

Korriban is one of the most powerful and disturbing worlds to the story, making it a major stop on your journey along with Revan and The Exile. Its dark valleys blend with the Dark Side, creating the most unsettling atmosphere across the game.

8 Tatooine - Coarse, Rough Sand Everywhere

Tatooine, one of Star Wars'' most famous planets, maintains its reputation as a world of vast sand dunes and a shambles of villainy. Despite the misgivings surrounding Anchorage, particularly the eastern Dune Sea, Tatooine''s sandy expanse adds to its immersion.

The Dune sea is famous for its famous Krayt Dragon, who does not compete in combat with the Dragon, but it is also the ideal time to reflect on the dangers that lurk beneath this seemingly simple planet.

7 Onderon - A Million Voices Suddenly Silenced

Princess Leia''s home planet is a buzzing metropolis, which is thick with the stench of revolution and civil unrest. Despite your initial travel to Onderon, a city populated with people just trying to survive is revealed.

The cantina is a crime solving side quest where players gather evidence and cross-examine witnesses. The cantina''s murder murder mystery highlights the delicate relationship between peace and war, which is described as a significant part of the game''s growing themes.

Darth Malak''s Grip Is Crumbling 6 Taris

Taris crams a plethora of quests, six companions, and many big story threads into a world of towering structures and a seedy underbelly reminiscent of Coruscant. Taris''s scale surpasses Onderon and Telos, incorporating the best aspects of each into one.

Taris is bursting with opportunities to mark - Light or Dark - on the face of the galaxy whether you like Swoop racing or want to try your hand at Pazaak, (Star Wars'''' Blackjack) or prefer to eradicate the dangerous Rakghoul Diseases that plague the Undercity.

5 Kashyyyk -The Fight Of The Wookies Lies With You

As you decide whether or not to free the Wookies from Czerka''s tyranny, Kashyyyk is a prosperous forest world devastated by the Czerka Corporation''s enslavement. Here, you may enjoy one of the game''s most rewarding side quests.

The rest of the game will have lasting consequences on your party members, although you may choose to leave Zaalbar if you are enticed by the hidden side.

4 Dxun - The Forest Moon of Onderon

Dxun, the second most famous forest moon in Star Wars, has served as a refuge for the last Mandalorians following their defeat during the Mandalorian Wars. Dxun''s wild animals and ancient tombs serve as excellent proving ground for The Exile to gain the trust of the Mandalorians in a series of short side quests.

Returning here in the endgame is indicative of Dxun''s continued relevance in the game''s backstory and its more immediate conflict, as you repel the Sith and push them out of Freedon Nadd''s tomb.

3 Lehon - The Unknown World

This peaceful planet, also known as Rakata Prime, is covered with beaches, verdant hills, and the powerful temples of an ancient race called the Rakata. The way you treat the Rakata here will have enormous impacts for both you and your party.

Lehon, the legendary location in KOTOR, has provided a valuable moment for players to forsake their choices so far and fully embrace the Light Side or the Dark Side. This moment alone can completely alter your game''s ending and your available companions, for better or worse.

2 Malachor V, The Broken World

Malachor V, the final planet of KOTOR 2, has brought The Exile''s war-torn past to the forefront, as the ultimate testing ground for you to overcome your demons or succumb to their power. Malachor is completely unique as your party has been knocked out and scattered in the crash landing.

If you are not properly prepared, Malachor is a daunting challenge, highlighting the importance of implementing lessons learned on your journey to bring you safe to your destiny at the Trayus Core.

1 Nar Shaddaa - Beware The Smuggler''''s Moon

Nar Shaddaa shows off what it''s like to besurrounded by people, but instead be completely alone. The Smuggler''s Moon is swarming with gangsters, bounty hunters, and refugees, all living in a fragile relationship.

Nar Shaddaa''s importance is unsurpassed as it provides solutions for several story threads, many open-ended quests, and a revelation from its crime lord, GOTO, that will change your perspective on the galaxy. Nar Shaddaa also serves as the platform you can train many companions to be Jedi, cementing it as one of your essential hubs for any playthrough.