Counters and Weaknesses in Pokemon GO: Ludicolo Raid

Counters and Weaknesses in Pokemon GO: Ludicolo Raid ...

Read on to know how to defeat Ludicolo in raids as well as its statistics when caught!

With the continued Water Festival in Pokemon GO, Ludicolo will likely attract new players! This Pokemon can easily assist round out any team, which is worth adding to your collection.

This Mon was first introduced in Generation III and is now being part of the Pokedex area. Everything from Lotad to Ludicolo is required to take advantage of it and take advantage of it''s final progression rather than using 100 candy!

For a quick evolution, you might utilize a few methods to get extra Candy during the Water Festival!

Best Counters To Ludicolo

Ludicolo, a Water/Grass type Pokemon, has three types that are super effective against it. These are:

  • Flying types
  • Poison types
  • Bug types

Pokemon that utilize a variety of techniques will do 160% damage!

Whereas Ludicolo''s limitations are:

  • Ground types
  • Steel types
  • Water types

Ground and Steel type moves have only 63 percent damage. Water type moves have only a 39% damage, so you should certainly avoid using them!

Utilize Pokemon that use Flying, Poison, and Bug type moves to take the blame in order to take down this boss swiftly!

Below is a list of seven Pokemon that are effective in fighting Ludicolo, as well as their best moves for the game!

  • Honchkrow (Peck & Brave Bird)
  • Roserade (Poison Jab & Sludge Bomb)
  • Braviary (Air Slash & Brave Bird)
  • Unfezant (Air Slash & Sky Attack)
  • Sirfetchd (Fury Cutter & Brave Bird)
  • Escavalier (Bug Bite & Mega Horn)
  • Toxicroak (Poison Jab & Sludge Bomb)

Each of these Pokemon has access to moves with types that are super effective against Ludicolo!

Tapu Fini Raid Guide for Pokemon GO

Ludicolo is a Pokemon with relatively good base stats! All of them seem to be balanced:

  • Attack: 173
  • Defense: 176
  • Stamina: 190
  • Max CP: 1,327 (Max from raids)

Auerdem, the organization has access to the following information:

Quick Moves:

  • Razor Leaf*
  • Bubble*

Attacks on the Charges:

  • Blizzard
  • Hydro Pump*
  • Solar Beam*
  • Ice Beam
  • Energy Ball*
  • Leaf Storm*

All moves that are marked with * benefit from the STAB, with 20% additional damage, are rewarded!

Ludicolo is a Pokemon you should absolutely add to your team with access to powerful Grass, Water, and Ice type moves!

This raid boss isn''t the only robust Water type currently available, although Mega Blastoise is also an ongoing boss!

Naturally, this is due to the Water Festival! Despite the fact that players still have a chance to catch a flying Pikachu if they missed out on the previous event, thanks to Niantics'' apologies!