How to Unlock All Legends in Apex Legends Mobile

How to Unlock All Legends in Apex Legends Mobile ...

Apex Legends has finally arrived on mobile devices, yet you''ll need to unlock all of your favorite Legends once more!

After just two days in the 13th Season of Apex Legends, Saviors will be released on mobile devices.

If you want to start playing as your favorite Legend right off the bat, you may be dissatisfied.

Everything you need to know about every Legend coming to Apex Legends Mobile and how to unlock them.

Check out our Apex Legends Mobile Global Release Schedule to keep up to date on your time zones when it comes to it.

Apex Legends'' Mobile Legends, And How to Unlock It

Apex Legends Mobile has the ability to unlock a total of nine different playable Legends.

Apex Legends Mobile has not one Legend currently available.

Fortunately, players will be able to unlock most Legends for free. It''s only necessary to progress through the game and level up.

Apex Legends Mobile has a list of all Legends available, and how they can be unlocked:

  • Bloodhound Unlocked from the beginning
  • Bangalore Unlocked at Level 2
  • Lifeline Unlocked at Level 3
  • Pathfinder Unlocked at Level 4
  • Gibraltar Unlocked at Level 5
  • Wraith Unlocked at Level 14
  • Octane Purchased for 700 Syndacite Gold
  • Mirage Purchased for 700 Syndacite Gold
  • Caustic Unlocked Through the Battle Pass at Level 25 as a Free Reward

All of the Apex Legends available on mobile are locked up. To level up, you will need to play the game and collect the EXP given at the end of each match. Alongside finishing difficulties, you may also level up more quickly.

If you haven''t already, make sure you pre-register! You''ll be able to unlock some great rewards.

Apex Legends Mobile is expected to be released later this month, and many believe it will include a brand new mobile-exclusive Legend.