Cam Holmes of Too Hot To Handle responds to bogus rumors

Cam Holmes of Too Hot To Handle responds to bogus rumors ...

Cam Holmes, star of Netflix''s Too Hot To Handle, has broken his silence on bogus rumors.

After having a reality dating show, he and his partner Emily Miller were exposed, and according to Holmes, this has created many difficulties.

The dating show featuring Pete Wicks and Cici Coleman is getting a lot of time apart from each other last month, according to Holmes. "I was spending a lot on myself, because we never had that time either.

"The show "got out, but you go," says a joke. Chuck you straight into the f**king mixer. We were always out at events drinking. We were never both in the best of places. We''re assuming we''ll have a little time away from this."

Immediately following the claim of infidelity, he decided to neither confirm nor deny.

"I''m not confident that we will pay attention to them," says one writer. Because we''re a genuine couple, I think we''ll be allowed to do so in public.

"As a public couple, it''s not as simple as people make it out to be. You''re not this perfect relationship," Holmes said.

The impression of the public is dwindling, and they''re "in a good place at the moment," which exacerbated the loneliness.

"I''ve heard comments before saying, "If you two break up I''ll never believe in love again." Or, "If you two break up I''ll kill myself," he said. "I''m like, f**k me, imagine the pressure that comes upon us. It''s a lot of pressure," he said.

"We''ve both been trying to navigate through this new world we''ve been given," says the author. Being a public couple is difficult, but I believe that if you can actually make it through it, it means you''ve put the test to the test, because not many people must be honest.

Netflix is now offering Too Hot To Handle.