The premiere of the American Horror Story spin-off show has begun

The premiere of the American Horror Story spin-off show has begun ...

Season 2 of American Horror Stories will be released later this summer.

Following a 2021 debut, this anthological show from American Horror Story (each episode depicts a new hair-raising situation with a different cast) did enough viewing numbers for Hulu to pick it up for the second time.

We now know, via the video, that Thursday, July 21, is the date it''ll return.

"It''s often the case with American Horror Story, there''s no such thing as subtlety here," said Digital Spy, "At the time, good writing and good acting are both a flaw."

"Rotten Tomatoes isn''t the end-all and be-all of criticism by any means, but it''s quite encouraging that at the time of writing, the spin-off has been rated significantly lower than the main show by many critics and users alike, 33% and 48%. In comparison, American Horror Story''s most popular season is Hotel, which comes in at 64% with critics.

"Four episodes in, that''s pretty damning," says the director of American Horror Story, "If American Horror Stories is supposed to be bad." Even the most ideal episodes of American Horror Story are chaos, faking wildly between real scares and camp hilarity.

Murphy as well as his American Story empire, still has Mr Harrigan''s Phone, a Stephen King adaptation.

Let''s hope that we''ll have a release date for that.

The American Horror Story is airing on FX in the United States and Disney+ in the United Kingdom. Catch up on series 1-8 on Netflix, with seasons 1-9 available to buy on Amazon Prime Video.