From 'Ambulance' to 'The Rock,' Michael Bay has 7 of the most outrageous scenes

From 'Ambulance' to 'The Rock,' Michael Bay has 7 of the most outrageous scenes ...

Michael Bay has been an undeniable force in American cinema for over three decades. These include huge explosions, crazy car chases, insane plots, and a winking self-aware sense of humor. Unlike any Michael Bay film, Bay is a textbook example of an artist.

The answer to scientific and historical questions about Michael Bay movies is simple. PBS documentaries or science fiction films that have been thoroughly fact-checked by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. If you want massive explosions and shots of angry generals chomping on cigars while wearing aviators that reflect a spectacular sunset, then Michael Bay is the man for you.

Is it possible that an oil driller might detonate a nuke on an asteroid? Could two Miami police detectives invade Cuba and defeat an entire drug cartel in a shootout? The answer to all these questions is evidently yes. These are the seven most ludicrous, hilarious, and outrageously awesome Michael Bay scenes.

1.Surgery - Ambulance

While she''s getting an EMT and a wounded cop as hostages, the EMT (Eiza Gonzalez) is video chatting with a few surgeons in order to get them out. While cop cars and helicopters are in close pursuit, Bays'' latest film is about two brothers who rob a bank and then carjack an ambulance to escape law enforcement. So begins a wild car chase across Los Angeles, where the brothers take an EMT and a wounded cop as hostages. Unfortunately for them, the cop has

2.Nuking the asteroid - Armageddon

This is why some oil drillers should consider repurposing the asteroid. Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and Liv Tyler are all adamantly caressing the static-filled TV screen as she proclaims goodbye to her father. This is, for the sake of anyone, but it''s time for some oil drillers to save humanity. In one of the most famous blockbusters of the 1990s, Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and their group, Bruce, is launched into

3.San Francisco Hummer chase - The Rock

In The Rock, Michael Bay''s films, Sean Connery steals one and careens through the hilly streets of San Francisco. He is followed in close pursuit by none other than Nicolas Cage, who drives a yellow 1996 Ferrari F355 Spider. This chase scene has everything pedestrians out of the way, a small old lady struggling to cross the street, a construction zone, and a tangled taxi cab. It''s the quintessential ridiculous car chase of Michael Bays'' career.

4.Invading Cuba - Bad Boys II

It''s almost impossible for a ragtag coalition of Miami police officers, some CIA executives, and the US Coast Guard to unilaterally invade Cuba in pursuit of a drug dealer. However, the best is still to come. Smith and Lawrence seek safe haven at Guantanamo Bay, the only US-controlled area of Cuba, and have a final scene in the minefield protecting Gitmo. This might be the only scene in cinema history in which two actors kiss while surrounded by live mines.

5.The Rock grills a dead guy - Pain and Gain

Pain and Gain, a character from Pain and Gain, is charged with disposing of a corpse when his friends criminal scheme goes horribly wrong, and in a cocaine-induced moment of denial, he decides to grill deceaseds chopped-up body parts. What makes the outrageous scene even more harrowing is that Pain and Gain is based on a true story about sculpted-up gym rats in Florida who commit various outrageous crimes. It''s no surprise that Florida is the only place to believe it

6.Yacht battle - 6 Underground

A group of vigilantes who have all faked their own deaths is led by a tech entrepreneur in search of a dangerous tyrant aboard his luxurious yacht. This is a complex concept to begin with, but the use of some sort of cell phone-activated magnetic pulse weapon boosts the ante. Bodies fly everywhere, though, thanks to Ryan Reynolds and friends who are trying to capture the dictator. This scene has a lot of gunplay, but also some parkour, and it must again be stressed,

7.Highway chase - The Island

Two clones, played by Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson, flee their lab/prison and ride aboard a tractor-trailer to escape some bad guys. Without any weapons or real-world skills (they are lab-created clones, you will recall), they explode and destroy everything in their path, including the bad guys pursuing Obi-Wan and Black Widow. Bay understands how his film attempts to make something more insane and intense than he has ever seen. It

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