'Our Kind of People' and 'Pivoting' have been denied access by Fox

'Our Kind of People' and 'Pivoting' have been denied access by Fox ...

There has been a tense week for television with several providers canceling a significant number of shows. FOX is the latest company to clean house, canceling two freshman shows Our Kind of People and Pivoting.

Our Kind of People, created by Karin Gist and Wendy Calhoun, was released on FOX on September 21, 2021. Based on a book of the same name by Lawrence Otis Graham, Angela Vaughn is a single mother; she soon discovers her mother''s past, altering her mood. Nadine Ellis, Alana Kay Bright, and Kyle Bary are among the actors'' cast members.

Our Kind of People had everything it took to produce a successful show, such as an all-star cast, an intriguing plot, and a hit show. However, the series almost always had an opportunity to unwind due to poor ratings throughout its run, including a 33% approval rating for Rotten Tomatoes and a 53 out of 100 score on Metacritic. Despite its launch, Our Kind of People had to contend with poor viewership ratings throughout its run.

Pivoting, a comedy series that premiered on the network on January 9th, followed a trio of friends Amy, Jodie, and Sarah who decide to turn their lives around after the sudden death of their friend, Coleen. The three make impulsive decisions, and pivot the path of their lives in the process. Other cast members included Tommy Dewey, Robert Baker, JT Neal, and Marcello Reyes.

Pivoting seemed to have a three-star cast in its favor, with Coupe previously played in Scrubs, Happy Endings, and Future Man, while Goodwin also played in Once Upon a Time and Why Women Kill. However, unlike Our Kind People, Pivoting was a crucial stunt from its opening. The series received huge reviews, resulting in the unquestionably 100% satisfaction of Rotten Tomatoes. It appears that FOX did not have faith in either of the shows to begin next season.

The second episode of Our Kind Of People was aired on January 25, 2022, while the last episode of Pivotings was aired on March 10, 2022.

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