How Andrew Niccol's films contrast opposition to opposition to 'Gattaca' and 'The Truman Show.'

How Andrew Niccol's films contrast opposition to opposition to 'Gattaca' and 'The Truman Show.' ...

All great science fiction stories are based on knowledge and understanding. Star Trek is about human beings focusing on their small differences and cultivating unity. Planet of the Apes is a warning about where mankind''s more self-destructive impulses might lead us. And nobody understands this more than Andrew Niccol. Through his career, Niccol has explored how oppressive certain systems can be.

This excess in Niccol''s debut Gattaca, which celebrates its 25th anniversary later this year, is evident in a society in which eugenics has become the law. "It''s common to think that social status or the color of my skin is, according to Vincent Freeman. The best he can do is a janitorial job at the Gattaca Aerospace Corporation.

Vincent undergoes a rigorous process to accept Jerome''s identity, including his dead skin cells, and creates fake fingertips filled with Jerome''s blood as well as urine bags for testing. This allows him to become more aware of danger one step closer to his dream, as he avoids being caught up in an investigation. According to his co-worker, Ulma Thurman is a fan of the Gattaca founder.

Vincent discovers that his brother Anton is capable of swimming through the waves and being able to walk through the waves, while proving that his genetics don''t have to dictate who he is. However, Vincent discovers that he was inspired by Vincent''s efforts, especially if one of the Gattaca doctors decides to keep his details open. Vincent discovers that his son was likely to be a success.

Jerome, who is always delighted when he visits Vincent, discovers that Jerome is paralyzed. He''s also shocked when he discovers that his genetics made him the perfect match for society. He then confesses to Vincent that he was driven by his own abilities, but never gave up before abandoning him.

In his 2011 film In Time, which included a completely different concept, people have immediately started counting down from an hour, putting them to use time as currency, despite the fact that once the clock hits zero, that''s the end of their life. Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) is a wealthy person who is bringing his millennium to Will, as well as a warning.

Will begins up ignoring the system he''s created into, for that is, in part because of the New Greenwich price rise, which has resulted in Rachel (Olivia Wilde) dying when she can''t afford a bus home due to a loan. In Time also referred to as Raymond Leon (Cillian Murphy) and his appropriately named Timekeepers, which are a major part of the system. Will starts up ignoring his future partner and girlfriend Sylvia Weis (Amanda

The Truman Show features a character who is at the mercy of a oppressive system. According to Niccol, he wrote the screenplay and served as a producer. While The Truman Show is more comedic than Gattaca or In Time, it features a protagonist who appears to be a dead ringer for his late father. Soon he (and the audience) learn that he was adopted by a corporation, and his entire life is filmed as part of a reality show. Sylvia (

Truman fails to flee on a boat and overcomes his fear of water in order to make his life better. The director of the show, Christof (Ed Harris) throws everything in his path, including an artificially generated storm, and even attempts to convince Truman that he belongs to the world the program created. It''s an incredible conclusion, but considering that Niccol originally developed the script as a science fiction thriller, that''s quite surprising.

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