Every MCU Movie Villain is ranked from Worst to Best

Every MCU Movie Villain is ranked from Worst to Best ...

The Marvel movies are known the world over, and they have consistent box office and critical hits. But if there is an Achilles heel to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, its villains. They aren''t particularly good or even interesting. This doesn''t mean that the protagonist department is incapable of making a fascinating Marvel villain.

As we await the release of the most recent film in the MCU, let''s look back on every major Marvel movie villain to date that has been ranked from worst to worst. Be aware there are issues.

Note: I only included major villains in this piece, or characters who at one point in the story served as a primary/major antagonistic force to our hero. In the meantime, Kursed and Crossbones are a major villain, but it''s unfair to compare their character-lite screentime with other major villains, and thus they have been left off the list.

31.Whiplash Iron Man 2

Jon Favreau and Marvel were all set to star in Iron Man 2, which was in the end of an exceptionally brief resurgence as a result of his excellent performance in The Wrestler. At the time, Rourke usually dressed his same clothes off the street, demanded the character have a pet bird, and mumbled his way through the film. Even though Iron Man 2 was considered a top priority, the whole cast of the antagonists is also a result of Rourkes'' unwillingness to provide Fa

30.Emil Blonsky/Abomination Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is an outlier in the MCU for many reasons, but only two characters from Hulk have been shown in any other MCU films. This is because of the main villain Emil Blonsky, who in the film is basically just portrayed as a macho fighter because of reasons, and is beaten to a pulp. The end. He really only exists in the film to justify a large third act fist fight between Hulk and a formidable challenger, and as a character

29.Malekith Thor: The Dark World

Christopher Ecclestons Malekith in Thor: The Dark World is a mean Dark Elf who wants to rule the universe. It''s the beginning and end of his story, but the film does not involve any sort of pathos or emotion in the character, merely exploiting him to get rid of Thor and Jane. It''s almost ascerbating when it comes off of Loki in Thor, who was chock full of pathos. Ecclestons is not alone in the MCU''s sack

28.Dormammu Doctor Strange

As far as Dormammu is concerned about the one that pulls the strings in Doctor Strange, it felt appropriate. He cant easily rank very high because the character only has a slight touch of screen time, although beyond that he does not make much of an impression. Of course, it''s unlikely that the character has been seen before. To Be Continued

27.Laufey Thor

Thor is a weird film with regards to antagonists because yeah, the film starts off by putting up the Frost Giant Laufey (Colm Feore) as the main villain, but it''s really a misdirect. There''s also S.H.I.E.L.D. that gets in Thor and Janes way, but in the third act its Loki that emerges as the biggest threat to our hero. So Laufeys a bit of a patsy, and that

26.Ronan Guardians of the Galaxy

This is a marvel that Guardians of the Galaxy works as well as with a villain as lame as Ronan, but this isn''t the case for the MCU. Lee Paces is a religious zealot who is angry that his people, the Kree, have signed a peace treaty, and thus has decided to basically run a galactic battle over racial superiority. He is basically there to get in the way and make jokes and sets pieces, and by that measure he

25.Taskmaster - Black Widow

While Taskmaster is a fairly solid physical antagonist for Natasha Romanoff in Black Widow, the character''s true identity is a twist you see coming a mile away, and even then we get very little payoff or resolution to who''s really under the mask. In the end, Taskmaster serves as a secondary villain, purported to lead action scenes. Taskmaster is fine.

24.Kaecilius Doctor Strange

Mads Mikkelsen dodged a bullet when he was introduced to Thor: The Dark World instead. However, Scott Derrickson, the producer and director, has admitted that he chose a simplistic villain because to the complexity of the protagonist and his desperation. He also says that when Mikkelsen gos toes with Strange and other actors, he does get a lot of attention, but at the end of the film, we dont much care what happens to Kaecilius. Since the script also

The 23.Wanda Maximoff Doctor Strange in the Madness Multiverse

Wanda Maximoff is a fantastic character with so many interesting scenes and plot lines. When it comes to Wanda as a villain, the MCU dropped the ball. After devoting all of WandaVision to developing Wanda''s character and revealing it to her grief, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness erases it with a simple Macguffin. Wanda is known for being extremely aggressive, but, aside from that, she feels forced into the position of villain and is placed low on this list. There

22.Alexander Pierce Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a bit different in that it is one of the most grounded films in the MCU, and Robert Redfords Alexander Pierce is very much a suit-and-tie villain. He is rather a corrupt Nazi dude who has resisted the administration of Hydras'' infiltration of S.H.E.L.D. a secret. And hesfine. Alexander Pierce is apparently a waste of Redfords'' talents and does not feel a bad job on

21.Ghost - Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ghost is a little confusing to include on this list, since Hannah John-Kamen''s character is more of an antagonist than a true villain. However, the Midnight Run approach to the story requires a lot of understanding, as well as Ghost''s shady dealings or the Federal authorities. So when it comes to Ghost''s big third act battle, Ghost is again an annoying obstacle than a serious threat to our heroes.

20.Darren Cross/Yellowjacket Ant-Man

An aside from being lazy, enter Darren Cross. Yes, Ant-Man is a weird film in the MCU, because it must be seen together in a rush when director Edgar Wright left the film. That extends to Cross, who is adamantly resenting for not revealing his Ant-Man secrets. However, the plot''s plot is a little overwhelming. Corey Stoll, as well as Cross, has an awesome edge that is refreshingly off-kilter, but ultimately

19.General Ross The Incredible Hulk

William Hurts General Ross is actually one of the best things about The Incredible Hulk, but it''s still a case of the villain in character development. As far as Ross'' backstory is concerned, the baggage that audiences brought to the film with Ang Lees Hulk still fresh in their minds does a lot of the lifting, but Hurt''s performance is superbly steely, especially in relation to his daughter.

18.Yon-Rogg - Captain Marvel

The Captain Marvel Cinematic Universe''s Yon-Rogg isn''t as spectacular as Yellowjacket, but the film acknowledges that he is a bad dude early on, and this is because of a miscalculation by the filmmakers and Law''s performance, which suggests that he''s never made a difference in the film. While one might argue that he''s a stand-in for "Man Who Gaslights Woman Then Owes Him for Helping Her, there

When we''re under the impression that Talos is the film''s Big Bad, that''s kind of the give and take of a villain reveal, and Ben Mendelsohn is fairly compelling. I will say that the larger twist that the entire race of the Kree turns out to be the bad guys while the Skrulls are actually the good guys is interesting, as the film investigates how meeting and getting to know someone completely different from you can, for the purposes of this list, because Yon-Rogg is technically

17.Dreykov - Black Widow

For the whole of the film, the main villain of Black Widow is covered in mystery. Dreykov (Ray Winstone) is early on, and he knows who Natasha and Yelena are going after it, but Winstone doesn''t really get to do anything until the film''s premiere. He''s disgusting, and Winstone delivers a fairly solid performance. However, in the canon of MCU villains, Dreykov is largely forgettable.

16.Hela - Thor: Ragnarok

If you cast a Tony-winning performer like Cate Blanchett, who is today the only actress, you don''t necessarily expect her to be able to play. However, there''s not a lot of effort to take into account Hela''s actions, but there''s no big twist at the endhe''s just a joking wannabe Queen of Asgard, and she''ll look spectacular when it comes to taking over the throne.

Thor: Ragnarok is well-suited for playing. Taika Waititi''s approach to the film is to make it as effortless as possible, and while Hela''s origin twist at the beginning of the film adds a bit of emotional meaning to the entire journey, many people do it well. So, while Hela may not be the most famous villain when it comes to plans or machinations, she also takes the stage very seriously. This is a fantastic turn.

15.Spider-Man: Far from Home - Mysterio

Even if you know he''s not, Mysterio spends half of the movie pretending he''s good. Jake Gyllenhaal does a great job (that''s why he''s Jake Gyllenhaal), and indeed the whole purpose behind casting Gyllenhaal in this role was to get two different kinds of performances from him. However, it doesn''t matter how much you spend the first half of the film just waiting for the other shoe to drop, which knocks Mysterio

When that other shoe falls, Mysterio is an interesting guy. Although the notion of "fake news" and selling the world an alternative reality certainly rings true to 2019, and the final Mysterio twist is certainly one of the most significant impacts a villain has ever had on an MCU hero. You end up a tiny bit unfilled, wishing you had more time with the real Mysterio.

14.Aldrich Killian Iron Man 3

Ill say this up front: Iron Man 3 is a fantastic film, but Aldrich Killian''s character is absolutely stunning. Here''s a guy who was ignored by Tony Stark, who rebuilt himself better, bigger, and badder, and who basically has a fantastic approach to global terror: make it theatrical. Killian goes a bit Bond villain in the third act, but the Mandarin reveal is interesting.

13.Ultron Avengers: Age of Ultron

Unknown facts about Ultron''s first big movie are that, considering it''s the sequel to their first big film, and that''s quite a risk. Joss Whedon, the filmmaker, is posing big, difficult, and dark questions with this film about parental and basic humanism. Ultron, in turn, is essentially Tony''s legacy in humanoid form, but James Spader makes a meal of it. That final scene between Ultron and Vision, in which they discuss humanity itself

12.Ego - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Kurt Russell''s Ayesha is certainly one of the best narrative traits in a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 drama, as the film''s main character is Star-Lord''s father, who we''ve spent most of the runtime believing in. Gunn''s choice to tie the emotional drive of the film with the villain''s character is a testament to, according to the filmmaker. Russell absolutely kills it in this role.

While the film progresses into a CG-filled battle at the end, Ego is mostly a pretty good, complex, and engaging character who mucks up the plans of our heroes in a way that''s intrinsically linked to the emotional stakes of the film, not just as a physical force to be reckoned with. That makes him stand out amongst the current list of weak MCU villains.

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