Chimney and Hen's Friendship: The Best Relationship Between 9-1-1 is the Period

Chimney and Hen's Friendship: The Best Relationship Between 9-1-1 is the Period ...

I''m sorry to say that in the world of first responder television, the 9-1-1 universe is one of the most exciting week-to-week shows currently running. From ridiculous calls involving babies in pipes to being able to talk to a literal astronaut in space, 9-1-1 embraces the classic ridiculous TV situation and increases it to 100. But, despite all of that, it''s not the thrilling emergencies that keep audiences coming back week after week, but the first responders on the team.

While choosing your favorite romantic pairing is a conversation for another day, 9-1-1 has proved that Henrietta "Hen" Wilson and Howard "Chimney" Han have one of the strongest bonds on the series. While some fans may be surprised by why Eddie (Ryan Guzman) and Buck (Oliver Stark) lack this strong connection given their friendship, Chimney and Hen have not only one of the longest relationships, but also one that is well-maintained and mature.

When Hen first started as a firefighter at the 118, Captain Gerrard quickly told Hen how dissatisfactory she was, pointing out that they''d remove the ping pong table from the women''s locker room after a week, congratulating her on being a "diversity recruit." However, Chimney was the first to speak up for her and the first to accept her.

Both sides end up encountering a hostile atmosphere, but they are confident in their relationships. Chimney believes that while both suffered discrimination at the 118, he could not relate to her as a woman in a male-dominated field and advised her to seek out Athena (Angela Bassett) as a person she could speak with. After all, he says, he will likely be following her down several more steep hills in the near future.

Since the beginning, their relationship has grown and evolved, but their friendship has only gotten stronger. When Chimney was left with her to assist her ex Eva (Abby Brammell), and Hen was willing to assist Hen whenever she was confronted with her relationship issues. Chimney is gentle and playful, and Hen is compassionate and compassionate; both are supportive of each other, both of their strengths.

Chimney takes a step back from the 118 to try and find Maddie after she left. This forcing him to replace him with a new partner for Hen. Although Jonah decides to stick around and his actions on a call are inexplicably leading to a 9-1 dispatcher dying after her death, Hen begins to pick up on some red flags.

Chimney and Hen join forces in the penultimate episode of Season 5 of 9-1-1 to determine what happens with Jonah. Instead of calling Hen crazy for thinking a co-worker she didn''t like might be a murderer, he trusts her and confirms her suspicions that something is wrong. As partners, the two discover (with Karen''s help) that Jonah is a mysterious hero who brings someone to the brink of death only to recover them and experience a rush from

However, before Jonah can be apprehended or resuscitated, he discovers about his plans and kidnaps him. In a twisted effort to prove his worth to Hen, he tortures Chimney by stopping his heart and then resuscitating him twice. This horrific incident demonstrates how incredibly committed these two actors are to each other as friends.

Hen apologizes to Chimney for bringing him into this, and he replies, "Come on, now, you jump," and this episode demonstrates the value of a friendship that can only come from years spent together, not only as friends, but also as partners on the job. Hen mentions that everyone was aware of Jonah because he wasn''t Chimney, but Chimney was willing to believe her even without any evidence of Jonah''s crimes. "You''re the best friend that I

Hen and Chimney may have easily placed characters like Hen as the cool and smart one, while Chimney as the funny one. It''s precisely how you combine these two characters in their own corresponding origin episodes "Hen Begins" and "Chimney Begins," and together with episodes such as "Hero Complex," you''ll add complexity and depth to a relationship on screen. It''s also what makes them endure the test of time. "Hero Complex" showed that no one else will and will continue

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