Olivia Wilde sings in Austin Crute's Praises, Teases John Logan's 'They/Them,' and Talks 'Tankhouse.'

Olivia Wilde sings in Austin Crute's Praises, Teases John Logan's 'They/Them,' and Talks 'Tankhouse. ...

Is Austin Crute on the lookout for some must-know on-the-face talent? Crutes has been steadily working since receiving his first screen recognition in 2016 through an appearance on Atlanta, but 2022 is preparing to be an especially good year for him, beginning with the release of his newest feature, Tankhouse.

The film focuses on Tucker Charlemagne (Stephen Friedrich) and Sandrene St. Jean, a thespian couple with huge dreams and a deep passion for their craft, who are eventually kicked out of the avant-garde acting scene in New York. They return to Fargo, North Dakota, where they meet Crutes character Jack, who begins by sharing his talents with Tucker, Sandrene, and the rest of their creative community.

Crute was invited to a video interview with an actor who worked in Booksmart. In Crutes'' case, Olivia Wildes was a film''s first person.

It''s clear that Booksmart was a great feature film launch point for Crute as an actor, but he has continued to excel ever since. I''ve decided to ask Crute why he considers working with Wilde as an actor and why he believes everyone should have great faith in the process.

I would say that they are talking to a legendary actress and visionary who was chosen for the Nice for What video. I believe that there is a reason why she is Olivia Wilde. She is an actor who has this vision. Even though they are more subtle because she is behind the scenes. There will be no more doubt in people''s minds.

In a sense, Tankhouse is Crutes Dont Worry Darling; it''s his second feature film after Booksmart. Why was it like the right project to take on next? Here''s what he said

I had just finished filming Daybreak and that was my second major film. It was actually the first production after Booksmart. So it was like I went from my first ever movie to my first ever single Netflix program, big [and] crazy, and it was a no-brainer. I was like, I absolutely wanted to do this. Absolutely.

Crute will not only see him swing big in Tankhouse this year, but also with Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. with Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown opening theaters and Peacock on September 2nd, and he''ll play it again on August 5th! That particular film, which has their official title and release date, is set to premiere on Peacock on August 5th!

Being included in any film of this nature is once in a lifetime. Hopefully not once in a lifetime because we have this conversation about queerness and stuff happening now, but it was a one of kind opportunity because nobody was aware of this horror movie about a gay conversion camp. That is just crazy! And so, [John] being at the direction and how he would always kind of be in our roles, and we all know what he was doing, and I feel like that is just incredible. Because there are some directors

Are you eager to hear more from Crute? You should be! He has an infectious energy, but he also had a great deal of insight on how to start a career, finding the right representation, and then some. In the video below, you''ll find out why we are so passionate about it.

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