According to IMDB, the 10 Worst Superhero Films

According to IMDB, the 10 Worst Superhero Films ...

The Multiverse Of Madness, which will be the largest box office opening of 2022, has reminded cinema-going viewers of the power of superhero movies. For over a decade now, audiences have been drawn to cinemas to be touched by our favorite heroes. It wasn''t always that way, however.

Superman films were a source of constant disappointment to fans. They were made on the cheap, disloyal to the source material, and, worst of all, they simply weren''t entertaining or exciting. Prepare for this journey down the bad memory lane.

Steel (1997) - 3/10

The Steel trailer, the 1997 superhero film starring Shaquille O''Neal, will likely wonder how the producers managed to spend 16 million dollars on a so- ieftin film. The film follows John Henry Irons (O''Neal), a military scientist who transforms himself into a superhero when he discovers that a weapon he developed has fallen into the wrong hands.

The film is not a straightforward watch, and it''s quite easy to understand why it only made $1.7 million at the global box office. It isn''t entirely without charm, though, given that O''Neal had to perform all of his own stunts because they couldn''t find a stunt performer who matched his size and build.

Captain America (1990) - 3.3/10

Matt Salinger took the role of Captain America (1990) as he wakes up after spending decades on the ice fighting his archnemesis, The Red Skull. The narrative is basic and, if we''re being completely honest, is a tad little.

The whole evil intention of Red Skull is to kidnap the President, and Cap''s big strategy to stop him involves little more than punches and an occasional shield toss. The film is cheesy and dated, but if examined in the correct mindset (a somewhat forgiving perspective, at that), it might be a fantastic and rewarding watch.

Catwoman (2004) - 3.4/10

Catwoman should have been a roaring (or owing, if you prefer) success. Halle Berry was already part of a well-known superhero franchise (playing Storm in both X-Men and X-Men Two), and Sharon Stone seemed like the perfect choice to go toe-to-toe with the titular feline hero.

Despite its imperfections, the film didn''t meet everyone''s expectations. Fighting scenes were flat and without conflict, the plot was disengaging and often bordered on ridiculous. It''s no surprise that Halle Berry''s character is considered to be the worst on-screen Catwoman.

Batman & Robin - 3.7/10

What are the chances of starting with this one? The absurd non-stop ice puns. The ridiculous bat gadgets. The nipples on the bat suit. It''s all a bit ridiculous. It''s difficult to believe that a film starring George Clooney, Uma Thurman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Chris O''Donnell might feature as impressive as Batman and Robin.

Batman & Robin leans further into the light-hearted humor that Joel Schumacher thought appropriate the franchise best. However, in this film, it wasn''t ice to see you.

3.7/10 in Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (1987)

Christopher Reeve''s time as Superman came to an end in such a dismal fashion. The actor, who was utterly adept for his roles as Clark Kent and his heroic alter-ego, needed a far better send-off than in Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.

Although the returning cast (Gene Hackman and Margot Kidder) give strong performances, they''re being tripped down by an unsettling plot and a crippling villain in the form of Nuclear Man. The film successfully underperformed at the box office, earning just shy of $16 million from a reported budget of $17 million.

The Fantastic Four (1994) - 3.9/10

The movie''s production is ironically far more interesting than the actual film itself. Though it was once unknown to the cast and crew at the time, The Fantastic Four was never intended to be released. If the studio didn''t put a film into production, then the film quickly began shooting.

The film has never had a theatrical release, although bootleg copies have begun being available, allowing people to see the film. While the film might not be worth watching, it is also worth a look.

Fantastic Four (2015) - 4.3/10

In the months leading up to Fantastic Four''s release, Josh Trank was hired on the back of directing the critically-acclaimed, found-footage superhero Chronicle. However, it was assumed that his abilities, combined with Trank''s guidance, would finally provide the excellent Fantastic Four film that he had been waiting for. It did not turn out that way.

Trank has left an honest review of the film on Letterboxd, implying that he''s learned from the experience.

4.3/10 Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance (2011)

Nicolas Cage is enjoying a renaissance on the big screen, with viewers everywhere enjoying his performance against Pedro Pascal in The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent. It''s hardly surprising that he returns on Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance with any pride or admiration.

Johnny Blaze, Cage''s son, was identified as the subject of the Ghost Rider sequel, and the film was still too sharp to appeal to die-hard fans of the character, although it was too dissatisfactory to appeal to independent audiences.

Zoom (2006) - 4.3/10

I don''t believe anyone anticipated Zoom to be the greatest superhero of all time, but nobody anticipated it to be even so terrible either. The film follows Jack (Tim Allen), a former superhero who is brought back to train a group of children into the world''s greatest superheroes. However, none of them are capable of salvaging the generic script and poorly-written characters.

The CGI in Zoom is absolutely dated and jarring, not that Zoom allows for greater engagement in the first place. This is the film for you. If Tim Allen hits a goatee, it''s like something you''d like to see. Make sure you don''t, however. You''ve been warned.

Supergirl (1984) - 4.4/10

In a self-titled spin-off of the Christopher Reeve Superman films, Supergirl became on the big screen. However, once she arrives on earth, Supergirl discovers herself up against a wicked witch. The film certainly isn''t as good as Superman IV: A Quest For Peace, although it does not produce the character''s character''s charm or heart.

While Supergirl is certainly not perfect, it is a somewhat solid effort at a female-led superhero film during a decade when female superheroes were limited to their fair share of screen time (something problem that is arguably still to be resolved).

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