Next, Watch These 7 True Crime Shows Like 'Candy'

Next, Watch These 7 True Crime Shows Like 'Candy' ...

Regardless of how complex or horrific the subject matter may be, some history stories are just as complex and fascinating.

Candy Montgomery''s remarkable journey from average housewife to axe-murderer shocked both her local community and the nation as a whole. Without these unfortunate real-life scenarios, the true-crime genre simply wouldn''t exist. Despite being quite popular by many, some might be a bit overconfident with these tales.

People who do not care about the real thing but are still interested in these stories, there is no shortage of fictionalized works that tell these tragic tales through creative directing and intricate performances. As viewers continue to stream Candy on the small screen, they may also want to examine these other series that are based on real crimes.

The Girl from Plainville (2022)

The Girl from Plainville, a recent true-crime series to be released on Netflix, reveals Michelle Carter''s controversial story.

Carter''s role in Conrad Roy''s death made headlines when texts to Roy indicated that Carter wanted him to leave his life, and she may have even encouraged it. The ensuing trial sparked heated debates about freedom of speech, and the implications that simple words can have in the situation. Elle Fanning, an actress, is well-known in what she has the most powerful role yet, looking near-identical to Carter and providing a performance that fits the divisive figure and her equally divisive court case.

The Girl from Plainville is available for download on Hulu.

Landscapers (2021)

The vast majority of major crimes, at least in the United States, are usually reported between two significant individuals, but what happens when two partners commit a crime together

Landscapers uncovers the origins of Susan and Christopher Edwards, a seemingly normal British couple who became subject of a national manhunt after two dead bodies were found in their residence. Not only did the bodies belong to Susan Edwards'' parents, but they had also been buried there for more than fifteen years. With an Academy Award winner and a Primetime Emmy nominee starring Olivia Colman and David Thewlis, they enact in a profound detail.

Landscapers is available on HBO Max.

The People v. O.J. Simpson in American Crime Stories

The first season of the hit crime series doesn''t just describe a true crime, sondern also the true crime.

The People v. O.J. Simpson series has been reimagined as a courtroom drama based on one of the most notorious and divisive criminal cases in American history, with fans and critics both debating Simpson''s innocence. The following seasons, titled The Assassination of Gianni Versace and Impeachment, are also engaging tales of crime and manipulation.

On Hulu, the American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson is available.

Dr. Death (2021)

Podcasts have become a popular medium for the true crime genre, and one such program has foreseen Dr. Death.

Many of Dr. Christopher Duntsch''s patients were left with routine injections or dying, according to two medical professionals and a Texas prosecutor. What makes Dr. Death more distressing than most true-crime stories, is how the main antagonist is someone who has taken the Hippocratic oath and swore to assist and protect his patients, yet he willfully put these completely innocent people in danger.

Peacock may stream Dr. Death.

Alias Grace (2017)

All other entries on this list have taken place in a modern era in which virtually everyone was given information and visual evidence, thus it''s rare to obtain a true crime account from a more historical perspective.

Alias Grace is examining the complicated murder mystery committed by Grace Marks, an Irish immigrant to Canada in the mid-1800s, and figuring out if she is lying or not, making the mystery look even more unsettling.

Alias Grace is available for download on Netflix.

The Act (2019)

Once Gypsy Rose Blanchard''s story was revealed, a probable issue to be listed here, and so an unusual change in dynamics erupted.

Gypsy, who admitted guilty to the killing of her mother, was not expressing sympathy for her, but friends who heard her story expressed hope. This showed that, even though medical examiners concluded no evidence of such ailments, Dee Blanchard had falsified her daughter''s condition. Despite this, the physical and psychological stress that Gypsy had accumulated was enormous.

The Act is now available on Hulu.

Dirty John (2018-2020)

Dirty John is a true crime anthology series, not one that concentrates on passion crimes.

The first of the two seasons focuses on interior designer Debra Newell, who married the show''s namesake John Meehan from a dream relationship to an abusive past. The second season follows Betty Broderick, who utterly smiled when she arrived at the court for her ex-husband and his new wife. A third season hasn''t been canceled or confirmed, although there are plenty of false stories to choose from.

Dirty John is now available on Netflix.

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