The Best Crime Series on Netflix Right Now

The Best Crime Series on Netflix Right Now ...

Are you in a state of panic about murder and the most deadly? Below are some of Netflix''s most popular crime series. From docuseries like The Keepers to Netflix originals like Mindhunter and Bloodline, as well as British dramas like Bodyguard and Peaky Blinders, there should be something to do so.

We have a lot of TV dramas on Netflix to share, including the Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Best TV Comedies, and many more. So keep an eye on these titles for those who don''t see them here!

This list will continue to grow, but for the time being, check out our list of crime-specific recommendations below, and let us know some of your other favorites in the comments.

Editors Note: This piece was last updated on May 13 so that Elite could be included.

Unbelievable (2019)

Susannah Grant, Ayelet Waldan, and Michael Chabon have all been artists.

Toni Collett, Merritt Weber, and Kaitlyn Dever star in cast.

Unbelievable is based on the true story of two cops who are chasing after a serial rapist who terrorized women in their state of Colorado and in Washington. A difficult show to watch at times, we follow now only these two detectives, but we see Marie Adler (Kaitlyn Dever) a survivor of sexual assault who is believed to be lying about her rape. It''s easy to find these cops to do justice for these women. Therese Lacson:

Elite (2018-present)

Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona have been created.

Maria Pedraza, Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Bernardeau, Miguel Herran, and Jaime Lorente star in cast.

Elite receives your heart racing from start to finish, without letting the tension break even for a second. Arianne Binette, a group of Spaniards who are involved in a murder, says Elite is concerned about whodunnit''s secrets and how it can help you recover. At times, being larger-than-life pays off, and it does often than not for Elite. While Elite might get lost in its ambitions, it is over-the-top television at its best and one of the easiest shows

Peaky Blinders (2013-2022)

Steven Knight, author of the book, has been created.

Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, and Paul Anderson star in cast.

Peaky Blinders is a fictionalized film set for the first time in history, dating back to the 1890s and the 1910s. The show, which begins in 1919, when the Blinders accidentally encountered a consignment of guns and decided to steal them. Later scenes bring in new historical figures and tie into key events.

Cillian Murphy is a great performer who combines a cold, moving exterior with a sense of hidden ferocity. This is why the Peaky Blinders series has already begun, with five seasons on Netflix. Despite its popularity, the show will be available on February 27, 2022. - Remus Noronha

The Sinner (2017-2021)

Derek Simonds has been creative.

Bill Pullman, Jessica Hecht, Jessica Biel, Carrie Coon, Elisha Henig, Matt Bomer, Alice Kremelberg, and Frances Fisher star in cast.

The Sinner is a dark and gritty series that was initially aired on the USA Network between October 13, 2021 and December 1, 2021. Each season includes eight actors examining a single, complex crime. - Remus Noronha

Ozark (2017-2022)

Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams have been created by Bill Dubuque.

Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz, Skylar Gaertner, and Julia Garner will star in the cast.

Ozark, the most successful crime shows, stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as a married couple who deals with a Mexican drug cartel, and then is offered access to the local environment. Both Jason Bateman and Julia Garner have been nominated for numerous awards, including Part 2 for their performances. - Remus Noronha

The Blacklist (2013-present)

Jon Bokenkamp has been created by Jon Bokenkamp.

James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold, Parminder Nagra, and Harry Lennix star in cast.

This NBC crime procedural is one of the most popular shows in the genre. The Blacklist includes a variety of classic tropes, but the remarkable performances and detailed narratives make the series a genuine engaging and engaging watch. Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader) is a former US Navy officer and now most-wanted criminal who is shocked by the FBI''s surrendering after decades on the run. He then discloses these obscure criminals in exchange for immunity. - Remus Noronha

Collateral (2018)

David Hare has been a filmmaker.

Carey Mulligan, Billie Piper, Jeany Spark, Nathaniel Martelo-White, and John Simm are some of the cast''s members.

The Collateral, a crime drama starring a female protagonist, is a two-hour series. The final part of the narrative, based on the same concept as that of David Hare, who was initially accused of murdering a pizza delivery man, who might be an immigrant or refugee. But the result is a mix of enlightening and action, making it a fun and engaging experience. Adam Chitwood is a man from New York City who is currently working on the South African Film

Mindhunter (2017-2019)

Joe Penhall, a comedian, has been created.

Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Anna Torv, Hannah Gross, and Cotter Smith star in cast.

It''s a bit like Silence of the Lambs, because it follows two FBI agents from the FBI''s Behavioral Science UnitHolden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany)as they decided to interview imprisoned serial killers to establish a profile for the FBI in order to catch these kinds of killers. This is a crime show steeped in real history (Charlie Manson appears, among others) that has a lot to chew

Bodyguard (2018)

Jed Mecurio, the creator of the film, has been named.

Richard Madden, Keeley Hawes, Gina McKee, Sophie Rundle, and Paul Ready have all cast members.

The opening scene of the first episode of Bodyguard slams in you, and the show never disappoints during its six-episode debut season. The series began in the United Kingdom to surprising numbers, followed by a metropolitan police officer named David Budd (Richard Madden), who is tasked with handling the lives of Conservative Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes) during a political crisis. While Budd''s personal life and background are slowly revealed throughout the show,

Manhunt: Unabomber (2017-present)

Andrew Sodroski, creator of the book, has been granted permission to play at the Royal Academy of Sciences.

Sam Worthington, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Bobb, Keisha Castle-Hughes, and Chris Noth are all cast members.

As Kaczynski gets a chance on a rare scripted series for Discovery, it proves useful (mainly because, as the show notes, his brother turned him in) and manhunt strives to improve the FBI''s inner functioning, as well as in a penultimate episode. While Manhunt: Unabomber focuses on Ted Kaczynski''s idioms in the 90s, Paul Bettany is a fan of the forensic engineering, who developed the technique to help keep criminal

The Keepers (2017)

Ryan White is directed by Ryan White.

The Jinx and Netflixs are seeing a slew of people on Dateline in 1969, while also examining the circumstances, the many suspects, and other relevant issues of the case. At first blush, this show reveals that Cesnik may have misled female students to perform sex acts on him and others. Specifically, women uncovered claims that two priests at the school, most prominently Father Joseph Maskell, were ecstatic to leave the school to silence her.

Abuse has devastating effects on the victim, and The Keepers illuminates this in a striking, disturbing, but necessary manner. What can be expected in the future if we follow suit and dismiss it as not our problem or something best handled quietly? No longer are these victims embarrassed as liars, or silenced with threats, it is merely a guide to an emotional and poignant tale that eventually portrays Sister Cathy as a hero who died in a difficult task. Adam Chitwood

Bloodline (2015-2017)

Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler, and Daniel Zelman have all been creative.

Kyle Chandler, Ben Mendelsohn, Linda Cardellini, Norbert Leo Butz, Jacinda Barrett, Jamie McShane, Enrique Murciano, and Sissy Spacek are some of the stars of the cast.

Bloodline, a new origina series on Netflix, is quite impressive... until it''s kinda not anymore. However, the first season of the series, directed by Danny Rayburn, is absolutely worth a watch, as it follows a guy named Danny Rayburn (Ben Mendelsohn) who returns to his family home in the Florida Keys and brings with him a cloud of intrigue, as past secrets reveal, and new difficulties raise the stakes for everyone else. - Adam Chitwood

Making a Murderer (2015-2018)

Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos have been created.

Steven Avery, Cast

Netflix was able to take on this exploration of the various cases involving Steven Avery, ranging from serial podcast to HBO miniseries The Jinx, which is capturing attention of the public in innovative ways beyond the tabloids in the checkout aisle. Guilty or not, the legally afflicted Wisconsin man quickly became a household name as couch-sitters consumed every facet of his life.

The ability to binge-watch the entire documentary led to some interesting outcomes, namely the concentrated rage over social media and through various petitions. Unlike Serial and The Jinx, which were episodically released in a more traditional way, Making a Murderer increased the rage felt by the hour. However, this documentary is worth a watch if only to stay up to date and engaged with the current social consciousness. Dave Trumbore

The Innocent Man (2018)

Clay Tweel and Ross M. Dinerstein have been together for the first time.

The Innocent Man, a six-episode Netflix true crime series, is an interesting outlier in the genre. While true crime is currently all the rage in the television world, it of course was first popular in book form, and in 2006, bestselling author John Grisham published his first and only non-fiction true crime book: The Innocent Man. However, the show does not make it any less worthwhile. Indeed, Grisham is an on-camera participant in the six-e

How to Get Away with Murder (2014-2020)

Peter Nowalk, who was created by Peter Nowalk, has written a letter.

Viola Davis, Billy Brown, Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee, Katie Findlay, Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry, Karla Souza, Charlie Weber, and Liza Weil star in the stars.

How to Get Away with Murder is a fantastic, spooky procedural crime series. Viola Davis is a morally ambiguous law professor who is involved in a huge murder mystery that affects some of her most famous students. This season, there are enough twists, and it''s so much fun. Every season, there''s a season-long criminal mystery at its core, and it''s your job to try and figure it out. This is great when you want to watch something that does not

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