8 Shows In Which The Final Season Was The Best One

8 Shows In Which The Final Season Was The Best One ...

Many TV shows have said that ending a long story that plays out over several years can be difficult. Countless shows had excellent early seasons, which were concluded by weak or disappointing endings. Most notably, Game of Thrones received a spin-off series some years later, serving as a second attempt to give its main character a proper send-off.

Despite being a protracted ending, disappointing performances aren''t always necessary. There were a few shows that went above and beyond with their last appearances. They weren''t only great but were arguably the best individual season within their respective shows.

As the final seasons and episodes will be discussed, the following list includes some spoilers for all shows.

Breaking Bad - Season 5 (2012-2013)

For a whole number of reasons, Breaking Bad seemed to turn out to be better every season, culminating in an exciting Season 5, divided into two segments.

The story of a mild-mannered chemistry teacher who starts making and selling crystal meth to help his family''s future only before it became a drug company was to come to an end. Fortunately, the writers carefully avoided the show going off the rails of its inevitably frightening and tragic conclusion. Season 5 was when viewers got to see things collapse all around Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in a glorious, exciting, and devastating two-part season.

''''Six Feet Under'''' Season 5 (2005)

Six Feet Under''s season premiere is one of the best because it comes out as its fifth and final season. For a show about death, to finish everything with a montage that flashed forward in time to show the actors growing older and how each of them died might have been an obvious way to put a show to a close, but that didn''t make it any less tearjerking and bittersweet (maybe with an emphasis on the bitter).

The whole season is slick, with the Fisher family getting through the wringer, and the closest thing the show had to Nate''s main character dying well before the actual last episode. Death was always around the characters, given they operated a funeral home, but it personally impacts them more than ever before. But the whole season is extremely enjoyable, with no worries about the effects of the tragic death.

''''Angel'''' Season 5 (2003-2004)

Angel did remain excellent in its own right, although it wasn''t quite as great as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However, that did imply change in Angel''s fifth and final season, which aired shortly after Buffy had concluded its run with its seventh season.

The set and structure of the show were dramatically shaken up. Some of the show''s most powerful one-off episodes, such as when Angel (David Boreanaz) returns, Fred''s (Amy Acker)horrifying death and rebirth, and the "go out guns blazing" theme. The finale is a musical rollercoaster of a season and follows the Buffyverse as a whole.

''''Fleabag'''' Season 2 (2019)

For the time being, Fleabag might always resume given that there were three seasons between Season 1 and 2, and at the time of writing, it''s been three years since Season 2 for the time being. The second season of this brief, funny, brutally honest British series is its last.

Season 1 of Fleabag''s second season was fantastic. From its season premiere''s awkward and uncomfortable hilarity to the fantasticly done "will they, won''t they" romantic narrative that unfolds throughout the season, Fleabag Season 2 perfects its own peculiar little formula. It may be that season, and a Season 3 will not happen. At least if Season 1 is the end, it will always be considered a fantastic one.

''''The Americans'''' Season 6 (2018)

With the dramatic story of a Russian family posing as American citizens to collect intelligence during the Cold War, the Americans always had the potential to build something great. Thankfully, it did, and patient viewers were given a show that became a little bit tense and gripping as each season went on.

Season 6 of the season culminates with its most extensive series of dramatic episodes, which was always in the process of unraveling at once, and the Jennings family found themselves forced to make some difficult, heartbreaking decisions.

''''Justified'''' Season 6 (2015)

It was always a solid, satisfying crime/modern western TV show. It was never a big success, but it had enough loyal viewers to ensure it would go out on its own terms after a remarkable six seasons.

Season 6 had probably been its best. However, Sam Elliott was making for the show''s final batch of episodes, but it was realigning the show to really focus on the relationship between the show''s two most well-known characters, Boyd (Walton Goggins) and Raylan (Timothy Olyphant), which made things great. Their last conversation at the end of the series finale makes for one of the best final scenes in recent TV history.

''''The Shield'''' Season 7 (2008)

In all honesty, The Shield started strong, maybe lost its way in its middle seasons, but ended strong with its seventh and final season. In it, Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) and his team of corrupt cops had made bad decisions throughout the program (all the way back to the first season) and the karmic justice was swift and devastating.

The final scene with Vic alone in a cubicle rather than being out on the streets, where he lost almost everything and was stuck in his own personal hell, is a particularly memorable one. From the seven previous seasons, viewers know that this is the last thing Vic would ever want, perhaps even worse than death, but that he also brought it on himself.

''''Nathan For You'''' Season 4 (2017)

Finding Frances and Nathan For You''s fourth season, separated from the feature-length finale, isn''t its best. While it''s still great, you get the feeling that a couple of things here and there stretch a little too much, and that maybe the writers had already examined most of their best, most hilarious outlandish concepts.

But then the weird, hilarious, and unimaginably touching season finale comes along and improves the performance as a whole. In less than 90 minutes, it takes all of the show''s best qualities and themes and transforms them all into something beautiful. It reveals so many basic human emotions and life experiences in a way no one else has ever experienced before and must be seen to be believed. Nathan For You''s final season is as good as its existence alone.

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