Nicholas Coombe and Miles Gutierrez-Riley discuss the most complex narratives of Season 2 of 'The Wilds.'

Nicholas Coombe and Miles Gutierrez-Riley discuss the most complex narratives of Season 2 of 'The Wi ...

[Editor''''s note: The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 finale of The Wilds, Exodus." It doesn''t matter how much experience they had. Both dealing with major performance difficulties requires the most, including the following: Nicholas Coombe and Miles Gutierrez-Riley.

Season 2 of the show unveils the other half of Gretchens (Rachel Griffith) warped experiment, the control group of The Dawn of Eve and The Twilight of Adam. Just like the girls in Season 1, they think they''re heading to Hawaii for a retreat. Little do they know, their plane is rigged to crash and strand them on a deserted island so that Gretchen may monitor their attempts to survive and compare their efforts to how the girls performed.

Coombe has already mastered quite the filmography, but youve probably only seen him in other comedy-based projects such as Dora and the Lost City of Gold. Not only did The Wilds shift his character, but Josh, who also experiences one of the most heartbreaking narratives on the island. Here''s what Coombe said before tackling that particular scene:

We had so much time in preparation, as I feel like Amy and Sarah wanted to have a conversation about how the scene would go, and how we could best be certain that it was going smoothly. But it was also very difficult in a way, because when you see the scene at 2am, you have to be careful about everything. I felt like we had to do all of this, however, we were able to feel confident in the ending results. And I felt that this was the case for us, who is really pleased with

The Wilds is Gutierrez-Riley''s very first starring role in a series. But youd never know it. Gutierrez-Riley explores Ivan''s evolution by exploring cancel culture with an exceptional amount of tenderness. Here''s what Gutierrez-Riley said about joining the role:

Cancel culture is so complicated, right? Ivan''s relationship to internet is a bit different than mine, but we share a lot of understandings of ourselves. I think that Ivan being so uncomfortable in this space increases the risk of changing the world much more rapidly than in another space. So at the beginning, it''s a lot about pushing that fight as soon as it feels like its coming up, so you give yourself a quieter place at the end of the season.

Although Season 2 of The Wilds has concluded, there is no doubt the boys will continue to face significant challenges together as Gretchen''s operation continues. However, now they''ll be working together to improve on each other, so how would it be possible for them to do the same for the boys, given the date when the Dawn of Eve experiment and Twilight of Adam were discovered? Here''s what Gutierrez-Riley suggested when asked what subject he thinks Ivan would benefit from spending time with the most:

I think for mine the answer may be obvious, but Ivan and Fatin I think would be just a stylish, funny, and very intelligent duo. They have the potential to give each other the skill they need.

Josh is convinced that his survival skills need to be enhanced, and fortunately, Dawn of Eve has the ability to assist!

I think Josh and Dot would have a lot to teach Josh. I think in theory, he believes that he may possibly live on an island, but she actually can. So I think he would be happy to have some discussions with her about this, and how does it, in theory, work? [Laughs] In theory, it should be this, but it should be this, but instead, Josh. If you do so, you''ll die.

Do you want to hear more from Coombe and Gutierrez-Riley? In the video interview at the top of this article, you can see our full conversation!

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