Fans of 'Grace And Frankie' love to say these 10 hilarious quotes

Fans of 'Grace And Frankie' love to say these 10 hilarious quotes ...

Grace and Frankie has been humbling viewers for seven fantastic seasons. Imagining Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in the titular roles, the show focuses on two very different senior citizens learning to navigate life together as newly single women emerge after their spouses announce that they have secretly been in a gay relationship for 20 years and are now looking to make it public.

Grace and Frankie transcends age and ensures that Grace and Frankie are empowered and vital. These are individuals who are both sexual, entrepreneurial, and complex; these are perhaps most of all, they are utterly funny. They are also utterly funny, as evidenced by episodes rich in funny words.

Is it better to take me back home or if you were to set me on fire? - Grace

Grace, despite her years of working as a successful businesswoman and a haughty wife, is still a reluctant social animal at best. Her purse vodka helps her cope, but when she''s stuck in a difficult situation, she''s at her most relatable.

Occasionally, situations such as escape or bursting into flames appear like equally viable solutions. Grace is by no means the only person to feel this way, but she may be the only one to say so out loud to her host.

I got another pound today.I believe it is a pound of knowledge.Frankie

Grace previously ran a beauty empire (and her daughters still do), but the show has never escaped with its famous humorous sneer.

Frankie, who was once a hippie, is still a hippie and is very adept at manipulating social beauty standards. Although astute viewers may be inclined to attribute any weight gain to her intense inhalation of Doritos, it is refreshing to see it being accepted as a positive, as a symbol of experience.

I like you, you like my dog, and we both love Sharon.Why isnt it enough?Brianna

Why is it true that Grace''s eldest daughter, Brianna (June Diane Raphael), is self-acerbic, scathing, and a deeply confessed non-people person. Brianna, who is cutting and to the point, is among the most well-known people in the entire family.

This is how Brianna realises how to make connections, which she finds painful to her. Even though her tone is dark, the meaning behind it is sincere. My friend is probably the best she can do, thus giving viewers a brief insight into a tiny hole in her designer armor.

Every time an old person fails to answer their phone, you cannt go crazy.Either we don''t want to or we don''t know how.Robert

No person under 40 has made or answered a phone call in over a decade, but thanks to Robert (Martin Sheen), supporters now know that even older people may have allowed a call to voice mail once in a while.

The existential dread that is caused by unusually unknown numbers is universal across all age groups. However, due to constant access and availability, there is also the expectation that if someone is not immediately reachable, they must be dead in a ditch.

If anyone is going to sit on Ryan Goslings'' faces, then it''ll be me!Grace

Give her credit for her calling dibs. It may not be spring chickens, but their libidos are enjoying a second summer. These are, after all, women who invented orthopedic vibrators so people with arthritic hands could still masturbate.

Keep an eye on Grace and Frankie who have spent decades married and sleeping with gay spouses. It''s likely safe to believe that their sex lives were neither passionate nor satisfying; both were due for a sexual renaissance. It''s pleasure to see them embrace it, even as they confront aging and flaws.

Im not without sadness.I''m a bit down.It''s an honest down, and as you are so up, there''s a homeostatic balance.Frankie

This is a sneakily clever and reassuring quote. Frankie is usually a sarcastic sunshine ray, but in this case, she is not only down, but she is also comfortable with it.

Grace is attempting to enthuse her up, but Frankie informs her that sometimes it is okay to be sad. The show subtly plays a role in normalizing mood fluctuations and dismantles toxic positivity. It''s okay to be uncomfortable.

Have you ever wondered if Ben and Jerry combine more than ice cream?Frankie

This fancy is more consistent with Frankies'' usual musings. Ben and Jerry are notorious hippie ice cream manufacturers, but if there''s anything Frankie prefers better than a fellow disruptor of conventional values, its junk food.

Despite some pretty convincing evidence, Grace and Frankie have spent some 40 years married to men they never suspected of being gay. With that life experience behind them, theyre considering all kinds of preconceived notions. Wait until someone tells them about Bert and Ernie.

Frankies'' accusations are unanswered, but I dont care about it.Im just really good at it.Grace

Grace and Frankie''s excellent part is that they are able to demonstrate true self-driving when Sol (Sam Waterston) and Robert leave their wives and come out of the closet for the first time.

This applies to the other actors in the series as well. Grace is permitted to not only own her flaws but be celebrated for them if theyre what make her special. Grace and Frankie is a rejection of conventional moral judgments and gender norms. These ladies learn to embrace their true selves while refusing the shame of non-conformity.

On being told to take it down a notch, you take it down a notch.Youre not the boss of my notches.Frankie

Grace and Frankie have devised a great return to the sexist notion of women being too emotional or hysterical. Most people think of the perfect comeback hours after an altercation, but fans live with Frankie as she snaps this one right back.

This is a solution to a real-world problem; the quote must be cross-stitched on pillows, made into bumper stickers, and printed on coffee mugs. Frankie has officially lived long enough to realize that no man should be allowed to dictate her moods.

As shit during those years, I thought you were stuck up and boring.It turns out you were stuck up and interesting. - Frankie

Grace and Frankie had spent decades together in one other company but had never met each other. Only the dissolution of both their marriages and the lack of housing options brought them together, but the blossoming of a genuine friendship has kept them together.

Grace and Frankie have established an equally close and honest relationship, despite their feminine friendships. Each season, Grace and Frankie pay a seven-season tribute to them.

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