Jerrod Carmichael claims that past comments about homosexuals were derived from self-hate

Jerrod Carmichael claims that past comments about homosexuals were derived from self-hate ...

Jerrod Carmichael has had a great year. A month after dropping his HBO special Rothaniel and making his SNL hosting debut, the comedian, who recently appeared as homosexual, is now making his directorial debut, On the Count of Three.

Carmichael sat down with The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss the film, and the conversation quickly turned to the realization of becoming a public figure, something both comedians have experienced. While he discussed the journey, Carmichael expressed some concern about past jokes he made about the gay community, blaming them on his own refusal to accept himself.

Some of the things I regretted in my life were a result of self-hate and denying who I really was, according to him. So I think the material and a lot of those things like when I wasnt talking about myself, I was talking about everybody else outside of myself, just throwing punches and missiles as much as I could. All smoke bombs, all like distractions from who I really was, and the thing I was afraid of.

Carmichael was open about the difficult process of teaching his family about his sexual orientation, noting that some of his closest friends have not taken the footage as well as he would have liked.

It''s a long time coming for me to be in that position. It''s not just about a distant family, but also a chance to be able to explore it. I hope that it will progress, but that''s what it is right now. It doesn''t mean it''s a pleasure sacrifice, and it''s really, really, really important to say it.

While recalled the difficult process of telling his family about his identity, Carmichael expressed his admiration for DeGeneres. He recalled how Ellen portrayed gay characters he and his mother could both enjoy.

My mom watched you and she laughed at you and you were welcomed back to the house. He said it is no small thing. I do not want to lower this stereotype, because it''s really substantial. Being Southern and Christian and these things the idea of having a gay person welcome in my mothers home seemed impossible. And you did it.

It was not a surprise that Carmichael praised him for his work, but he continued to emphasise her influence on his comedy and his personal life.

It''s one of those things where its like I had so much to say to you, and you were definitely such an inspiration, according to one analyst. I almost missed that opportunity to come and say it to you, and it''s, like, really nice to be able to stay here again. Im very grateful for that.