What to Watch If You Like The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Andy Samberg

What to Watch If You Like The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Andy Samberg ...

When you look at some of the finest contemporary comedic actors, there are some names that are always available, such as Adam Sandler, or maybe Kevin James, or even Bill Hader, but one that I believe is just as remarkable in both movies and television.

From his early days working on Saturday Night Live to some of his latest shows in movies and television, Samberg continues to prove his comedic talents for everyone to see and today, was going to give him the justice he deserves. Here are some Andy Samberg movies and TV shows you should watch if you are a fan of the film.

Films for The Hotel Transylvania (Amazon Rentals)

Hotel Transylvania, a beautiful animated kids franchise, is named first on this list, where each film follows his adventures with not only his family, but his ghoulish friends.

In the first film, Andy Samberg shows Johnny as the only human character in the series from the first film to the 2022 release, and he enthuses Mavis from the moment you hear him. Despite Dracula''s (at first) being not the biggest fan, he adds so much character and energy to the character. It''s a great film series, and you can stream the Hotel Transylvania movies if you''re ready to watch.

The Hotel Transylvania series is now available on Amazon.

Saturday Night Live (Hulu)

If you haven''t heard of Saturday Night Live, or SNL, you''ve never heard of it. It''s a long-running primetime sketch series that has been aired on Saturday night for over forty years now, featuring sketches from pop culture, politics, and more.

Andy Samberg was on SNL from Seasons 31-38, constantly showing off his abilities as not only an actor, but a writer. His keen timing, funny characters, and more helped set the stage for him to appear in many other shows and movies, many of which he is sure he''ll see once he has read this list. However, nothing can quite beat his time on the popular sketch show.

Hulu Gets Streamed Saturday Night Live.

Hot Rod (Tubi)

Next up, we have one of Andy Sambergs'' first major films, Hot Rod. This comedy reveals Rod Kimble, a young man who is looking for his father''s approval, and sees his way in when his father falls ill, and Rod decides to fund his heart surgery by doing one of the greatest stunts ever.

Andy Samberg is amazing in his role as Rod and delivers a funny performance from the moment he steps on the screen. It''s certainly a pleasure to have a conversation.

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Palm Springs (Hulu)

Palm Springs is a Hulu original that follows two strangers who are both in Palm Springs for a wedding. However, their lives take a turn when suddenly they are stuck in a time loop and have to find a way out.

There are so many fantastic time loop movies out there, but Palm Springs is just so uplifting. While Andy Samberg (who received a Golden Globe nomination for his role in the film) and Cristin Milioti have some of the best chemistry in a rom-com Ive seen in a while, the film also has fantastic sci-fi experiences. There are also so many cool behind-the-scenes stories to watch, so make sure to check them out.

Palm Springs is Streamed in Hulu.

I Love You, Man (Paramount Plus)

I Love You, Man, is a film about a man who doesn''t seem to have any friends, and he decides to go on the lookout for a perfect man for his wedding. Even if he finds the perfect person, it takes time for his life.

This film is absolutely stunning from the moment it starts, but so funny. There are so many actors here, like Rashida Jones, J.K. Simmons, and Andy Samberg as Robbie, and Peter Klavens'' younger brother, take the cake. Their scenes together are so hilarious and perfect, and they really capture the sibling relationship in such a funny way. I might re-watch this film again once more for their moments.

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Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (Cinemax)

I know, the title alone is so misunderstood, but you may hear me out. Popstar: Never Stopping is a mockumentary musical film that follows a pop player who''s career is failing, and now, he must do anything to get back on track in the music industry.

The film, which is more a commentary on the pop music industry, definitely parodies a certain artist whom we will not get into for the sake of maintaining focus. Andy Samberg perfectly captures the appreciation and ridicule that we might see in certain movies, and truly makes this film so hysterical. It''s a shame the film didn''t do well at the box office, because it certainly merits more praise.

Stream Popstar: Never Stopping on Cinemax Go.Rent/buy Popstar: Never Stopping on Amazon.

Celeste And Jesse Forever (Starz)

Celeste and Jesse Forever are sure to watch them while they grow older. Despite pursuing others, they drift apart.

It does not seem like the film would be funny, but trust me, it really is. Celeste and Jesse Forever is certainly one of Rashida Jones'' finest films, but it is also a shining example of Andy Sambergs'' talents. Their relationship in the film is a sad yet real tale that does, indeed, have a happy ending somehow. I truly do love it. It''s such an underrated film, in my opinion.

Celeste And Jesse Forever is available on Starz.Rent or on Amazon.

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance (Netflix)

On the second voice, we take a look at The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. A prequel to the 1982 film The Dark Crystal, this Netflix series follows three Gelflings on a quest to reclaim their clans in order to prevent their planet from being catastrophic.

While I believe that you should give The Dark Crystal a watch first before this, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a stunning show with fantastic puppetry and great voice acting, including Andy Samberg''s character The Heretic (a.k.a. skekGra). He absolutely puts everything he is into voicevoicing this incredible fantasy character. Ill still never forgive Netflix for cancelling it after only one season.

Netflix will stream The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

Baking It!(Peacock)

What are the benefits of combining two former SNL stars and a baking competition? Baking It! This Peacock original, which stars Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg as the hosts, follows several teams of amateur bakers who collaborate to win a wonderful prize in the spirit of the holidays.

While Baking It is focused on the holidays, it doesn''t mean you cant enjoy it during any time of year, as it is one of the best feel-good television out there right now, partly due in part to Rudolph and Samberg''s fantastic communication skills. These two have amazing chemistry and crack some of the best jokes that you''ll be laughing so hard your side will hurt.

Peacock is getting a lot of fun to bake!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Peacock)

This iconic comedy, starring Andy Samberg, tells the story of Jake Peralta, a detective in a fictitious police area, who has always lived alongside his coworkers, as well as his no-nonsense leader, Captain Holt.

The cast of the Brooklyn Nine-nine is fantastic, but man, Andy Samberg is just something special on this show. His comedic performance from Saturday Night Live is combined with fantastic storytelling. The jokes hit, the couples make you smile, and the character development is fantastic, and there''s so much more to love. If you haven''t seen this show, please check it out now.

Peacock Gets a Stream of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

As time goes on, I''ll be able to add more to this list to honor Andy Samberg, but until then, you will have a few fantastic movies and TV shows that you can watch. Im going to go and revisit Brooklyn Nine-Nine and laugh my butt again.