Quinta Brunson, the creator of Abbott Elementary, talks about Season 2 plans after the excellent finale ratings

Quinta Brunson, the creator of Abbott Elementary, talks about Season 2 plans after the excellent fin ...

Abbott Elementary''s 13-episode freshman season ended with a high 100% Rotten Tomatoes score, which is proving to be one of television''s top shows. Much of its success is owed to Quinta Brunson''s vision and direction, according to the program''s creator and star. Brunson is also, on the lookout for Season 2.

Abbott Elementary''s Season 1 premiere has 2.8 million viewers, according to Variety. It did not match linear viewing, however, as it increased by 200% in multiplatform viewership. That total total was 3.1 million, respectively. However, the non-linear numbers aren''t surprising given the comedys'' appearance outside of television.

Quinta Brunson, who has made a massive hit, appears to be under any pressure as she and her team prepare for Season 2. She revealed that the writers room is already working on new episodes. While speaking with E! News, the star revealed what fans might expect during the workplace comedys sophomore season:

We''re naively going with the flow, seeing what we think it''s normal to return from the first season, and what to do next.

The showrunner would not reveal any more details about who or what episodes will focus on, although it makes sense. However, I''d expect some fresh stories, which continue to demonstrate why the mockumentary is different from The Office. Despite not getting too deep into details, she did not mention any new additions to the workplace comedy.

I''m sure we''ll be able to bring new people into the game, but for the first season, we were only putting really strong characters.

Quinta Brunson''s greatest advantage thus far is its robust cast. I mean, the school faculty are a great combination of personalities, from the optimistic Janine to the streetwise Melissa to the tone-deaf Ava. Those cynical personalities make the series worth checking out.

Zack Foxs Tariq and Orlando Jones were also great examples of early, spot-on, comeo as Gregorys dad. So she is less about simply getting big names, but also about finding the right actor for the right role. It will be great to see who joins the cast in the new season.

One might expect that Season 2 of Abbott Elementary will premiere in the school year 2022-2023. However, the wait will be lengthy, but if Quinta Brunson continues to improve on what made the first season so special, it''ll be worth it.