In his new film, Machine Gun Kelly discusses how Directing Fiancee Megan Fox was a fun game

In his new film, Machine Gun Kelly discusses how Directing Fiancee Megan Fox was a fun game ...

Machine Gun Kelly is directing and starring in his own stoner comedy with Mod Sun, the upcoming film, along with their friends and Kelly''s fiancee, Megan Fox. Just before the movies'' release, Kelly is talking to the film''s producer and his wife-to-be.

Machine Gun Kelly chatted about working with Megan Fox during the West Hollywood premiere of Good Mourning this week.

I think she''s just a comedically genius. I think she''s so underrated as a comedic actor and just as an actor who can adapt to different situations and stages, so it was an honor.

The film will follow MGK as a movie star who is happy and in love with his girlfriend of one year, Apple, and his life is turned upside down one chaotic day as he prepares for a life-changing career meeting. Megan Fox is perceived to be playing his friend rather than love interest. Or will they be friends to lovers?

It''s so funny that I was trying to make her not look like Megan Fox. I was like, ''We should put an old lady wig on you,'' and she was like, ''I got this,'' and she was her and she was Kennedy. So, everything was kind of Meta.

In the film, shell play a character named Kennedy, who had pink hair. At the premiere of Good Mourning, Machine Gun Kelly said the character''s name is a tribute to Megan Fox''s New Girl, Reagan. Get it? She has now played two women with names of presidents in comedy projects. Check out the trailer for the Good Mourning here:

After about two years of reportedly dating, the two became a viral couple for their iconic fashion moments together and for saying that they drink each other blood. We anticipate the couple to have an epic marriage, especially after MGK teased a hero artistic vision for the big day.

Megan Fox revealed that her boyfriend developed the screenplay in three days with Mod Sun. Kelly said the film was about not giving up and coming from a distant place he turned into a comedy. Although it remains to be seen how the film works, it''s also clear that he and Fox had an excellent time working on it.

Good Mourning also stars Pete Davidson, Dove Cameron, Whitney Cummings, Zach Villa, and GaTa among others. The film will be available on DVD on May 20.