How to Use the Sensor Backpack To Find Energy Fluctuation in Fortnite

How to Use the Sensor Backpack To Find Energy Fluctuation in Fortnite ...

Season two of the week 8 Resistance quests in Fortnite Chapter Three have begun, and the last challenge in the bunch is causing havoc among many players. The quest has three main stages in which the first one is relatively straightforward to complete. Players must search the source of interest, such as Synapse Station or the west of Greasy Grove, to establish a connection for this challenge. White question marks should be found near the areas where they can begin the quest.

Players will hear the Origins words after finishing the first stage. He talks about the Paradigms message, and requests the looper to select up the Sensor Backpack from any of the two locations listed on the map below and complete the second stage of the challenge. Players must go to any of these locations and pick up the orange-colored Sensor Backpack, before making their way to Loot Lake, which is in the north of Titled Towers.

Players should observe their Back Bling has been replaced by the orange backpack, and they should continue to hear a beeping sound. It can be a daunting task to locate the exact spot of the Energy Fluctuation in Fortnite, thus players should move to a center where two huge rocks are discovered. Then, players should look at the yellow energy fluctuations.

Players may be able to detect energy fluctuations if they are approaching the location. These include the place between the trees located northeast of Tilted Towers. When players are about to arrive, they should notice the occasional beeping of their backpack going quicker. After detecting the Energy Fluctuation, players will receive 23,000 XP to complete their battle pass.

Players should remember that if someone passes away after using the backpack, they must restart the mission by using it again in the next match and going to the Energy Fluctuation spots. This will require players to draw several weapons and keep an eye on enemies as they depart for this quest.