After his streaming career closes, Mizkif wants to be a videologger

After his streaming career closes, Mizkif wants to be a videologger ...

Mizkif traveled to South Korea with Esfand and Emiru, and the actor has undoubtedly become one of Twitch''s most popular content creators in the last few years, but says if he stops live streaming, he will be a proponent.

While in Korea, Mizkif and his companions arrived on May 1 for a trip that would last until May 11, according to him that the trip was not a vacation or a vacation. Despite these remarks, the Twitch actor appeared to find some inspiration by producing three 20+ minute vlogs on his YouTube channel.

Mizkif provided a glimpse into his first tweet on Twitch after returning from his trip to South Korea. Considering the fact that he doesn''t have to worry about his chat while vlogging, the result was a key draw.

Here''s the whole thing, I loved doing those vlogs. Man, I loved vlogging. Because I like to constantly be annoying, and I love having a camera shoved in my face, according to Mizkif. Seriously, I did love vlogging, and I kind of believe that if I stop being a streamer, I might become a vlogger.

Though Mizkif expressed keen interest in vlogging, fans of his channel should not be concerned about him leaving his Twitch channel anytime soon. His statements seem to indicate an interest in changing his content structure in the near future, and not necessarily right now.

This wasn''t the only surprise to come out of the South Korean trip. Only two days after the vacation, OTK founder Esfand was taken to the hospital after chipping a bone in his thumb.