eUnited claims that Spartans' arguments on his bench aren't true

eUnited claims that Spartans' arguments on his bench aren't true ...

Tyler Spartan Ganza, a pro player from Halo Infinite, denied a statement that the HCS eUnited roster he was a part of imploded, and that he would be benching himself for the foreseeable future. He detailed trust issues that spanned back to before HCS Anaheim, where there was a secret attempted roster change. Further, eUnited made it impossible for him to explore transfers to other teams following his desire to participate.

eUnited issued a statement today as a response to Spartans'' complaints, citing disapointment with his decision to dismiss himself and his commitment to present a narrative on social media that the org believes is unjust and indicative of the situation.

Hinting to #eUHalo

Tyler has spoken out to us about making a change at which time he threatened to bench himself if we were unwilling to meet his demands, according to eUnited. We have always attempted to analyze our players feedback, wants, and interests, but the post instead focused on clarifying eUniteds'' position when it comes to Spartans contract and its response to other teams.

eUnited has recently received some interest in Tyler, but has yet to obtain a formal buyout offer from another organization, according to a statement. In an effort to accomodate Tylers, we did not receive a formal offer from the organization. We must make a choice that best serves the organization and all players on the team.

eUnited is able to slap him until the end of his contract regardless of his desire to play with the starting roster. This decision is of his own choice, but we must always find a solution that works for all parties. While we navigate this situation, the chances of Tyler returning to the starting roster are always open.

Spartan himself appeared to have taken the decision of eUniteds poorly, claiming the statement as ridicule.

"We were given no formal offer," says the manager of the orgs, "Hard to make an offer when you tell them: "Our player is not for sale, and it''s untradable," and we''ll not be playing under anyone else this year.

Spartan claimed in a follow-up tweet that they have been attempting to find a suitable deal for him, rather than implying that the statements they have made are false information. Either we get someone to replace him or I would like to leave. No orgs would allow their players to come. But yes, lets flip the script on me.

It''s ultimately difficult to get to the truth of the dispute, with both sides arguing that eUnited is able to allow Spartan to explore other teaming options. Before you think about it, consider what you want and who you want.