Clash 2 will be created by iDubbbz

Clash 2 will be created by iDubbbz ...

Following the conclusion of the weigh-ins for his first ever live boxing event, popular YouTuber and new boxing influencer iDubbbz confirmed the possibility of a Creator Clash 2.

During the weigh-in and press conference on May 13, fans and media received their first look at the eighteen influencer fighters. After all fighters made preparation for their eventual fights, the floor was opened for press questions about the event, training, or other aspects of Creator Clash.

When prompted with the possibility of planning a different influencer boxing event like Creator Clash, iDubbbz was confident that another could happen in the near future. Although not giving a direct confirmation nor timeline, the YouTuber speculated that a possibility Creator Clash 2 might happen sometime next year.

iDubbbz said about the locations in Tampa Bay, Florida, and lubricates the joints. It''s like the boxing city, as far as Im concerned. We''re definitely going to do it again sometime in Florida, probably.

iDubbbz described the possibility of a sequel to his highly anticipated influencer boxing event several times during the planning process. In an interview with Dot Esports, he stated that many potential participants were waiting to see how this one went, but would be more open to participating in future events.

Creator Clash, which will take place on May 14, will be available for viewing with a purchase of the cards pay per view on Creator Clashs website for up to 48 hours after the event.