The Legends of Runeterra Seasonal's server failure resulted in no Worlds points

The Legends of Runeterra Seasonal's server failure resulted in no Worlds points ...

Due to server errors in several areas during the open rounds, Riot Games has eliminated Legends of Runeterra World Championship points from the Seasonal tournament.

The Seasonal of Four that preceded the Legends of Runeterra World Championship will run later this year. Players could earn Worlds points during the tournament, while the top four finishers of the Seasonal were expected to receive a direct invitation to the World Championship. Server issues have resulted in no tournament points being awarded, according to game designer Riot RottenKandy.

Sadly, we can confirm that this is happening in the EU Seasonal Tournament, and it''s likely to happen in the Americas later today. The same principle will be applied here too: the seasons will keep active, but the results will not be used for Championship qualification.

The server issues occurred during the APAC Seasonal tournament, causing several players to lose games. Riot subsequently discovered that the same issues were expected to occur in the EMEA and Americas areas, resulting in the decision to remove Worlds points from the Seasonal altogether.

Three additional Seasonal tournaments are expected to take place prior to the Legends of Runeterra World Championship, and ladder rankings were not affected by this particular bug. At the time of writing, Riot will still award the top four players at the next weekends playoff rounds a direct invite to the LoR Worlds.

The digital card game celebrated its second anniversary earlier this week, and a fresh expansion will be released later this month. However, the LoR team recently improved the game, from increased balance patches to the return of an official Seasonal broadcast. Many players are dissatisfied with the fact that the competitive LoR arena still has server issues after two years.

I dont think we should really be mad at riot for this exact seasonals, they gave decent warning that this would be a disaster. We should absolutely get mad bc this stuff continues to happen, and comp LoR is super scuffed though.

Many tournament runners spent hours and months developing the A Curious Journey Seasonal, but were given the chance to progress to LoR Worlds. This week, Riot will likely make an official statement about the four Legends of Runeterra World Championship invitees from the A Curious Journey Seasonal.