Harley issues a boxing match against Dr. Respect

Harley issues a boxing match against Dr. Respect ...

Harley of Epic Meal Time, a popular YouTube channel, challenged Dr DisRespect after his opponent''s victory against Arin Hanson at Creator Clash.

Creator Clash is a prominent influencer boxing game headed by YouTuber iDubbbz. The fights sat in front of a live, sold-out audience in Tampa Bay, Florida, where tens of thousands more people are viewing the site.

Harley made a comeback in his heavyweight victory against Game Grumps Arin Hanson in the second round by TKO. After being declared the winner, Harley expressed his delight, lauding Hanson for his willingness to fight despite losing training and preparation time.

Harley mentioned his desire for a different fight, despite having a specific opponent in mind: Dr DisRespect. I only used twenty percent of my capabilities. Harley expressed my desire to exert the remaining eighty percent. I want to challenge someone larger, I want them to know its going down. The Doc.

After the Harley vs. Egoraptor fight, Harley won in round 2, he challenged Drdisrespect in a future battle. pic.twitter.com/Xt1cOrrp5C

Harley, claiming the YouTube channel''s name, called out the Two-Time. Doc, im talking to you. Im 66. This aint a game, boy, Harley said to over ten thousand fans. And let me say something, that bullet proof vest you wear aint gonna stop these guns.

While iDubbbz has confirmed that there will likely be a new Creator Clash event, he has yet to disclose when this event will be held or who the card may be. However, Dr DisRespect will respond to Harley''s challenge or if he will enter the ring, but Harley also gave an impressive promotion to hype up the match, regardless of whether it occurs.