Wes Bergmann Proves He Was Injured During the Nightmare Challenge

Wes Bergmann Proves He Was Injured During the Nightmare Challenge ...

The premiere of Season 3 of The Challenge: All Stars took place on May 11, 2022, with two episodes dropping on Paramount+ the same day. In the days since the new season, some cast members have given more information about what they didn''t get to see.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about the first two episodes ofThe Challenge: All Stars 3, which was dropped on Paramount+ on May 11.

Wes Bergmann walked above the water with their key on May 12 while on social media to discuss an injury he encountered during the second challenge. As viewers might recall, the second challenge involved the competitors, who tried to get a key down. After crashing into the water with their key, the cast members had to swim to shore and solve a puzzle.

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During the second challenge, wes said he blew his bicep and cracked a hole.

Weston Bergmann''s post (@westonbergmann) is shared.

Wes, who fought with the swinging portion and was eventually dismissed with a 20-minute time penalty, tweeted about the nightmare challenge. Its where I tore my elbow, but I hid it until I had enough mobility to fake using my arm. Rehab and time didnt work so im going to try a round of stem cells.

Wes also explained that he discovered another problem after falling into the water. He wrote that he cracked a tooth in the back of my mouth until he was home but said it got worse and he ended up having to visit a dentist while in Panama.

When I got home, I was just going to deal with it, but it started dissecting my tongue so quickly it was swelling and I couldnt swallow it, he shared on social media. I had to be escorted to a dentist downtown to do a temporary fix.

The rest of the cast members of All Stars 3 were told that they were competing with injuries.

Weston Bergmann (@westonbergmann) has shared a post.

It is not the first time that competitors have picked up injuries on The Challenge or the spinoff show and it is likely to be the last. In the first two episodes that dropped on Paramount+, viewers already saw one competitor leave because of an injury, and another open up about healing from All Stars 2 injuries.

In the first episode of the season, Tyler Duckworth expressed his gratitude for catching up quite a few injuries during his elimination on All Stars 2 at the hands of Laterrian Wallace. He also wrote on Instagram that he had broken his ribs and arm while the season 2 episode was airing.

Melinda Collins sprained her ankle during the final of All Stars 2, but she admitted in the third season that she had not allowed it enough time to heal. The Real World: Austin alum said she had aggravated it during the second challenge and was forced to withdraw from the game prior to defeating Tina Barta in the elimination.