In Elden Ring, where will you find all of the Crucible Knight bosses?

In Elden Ring, where will you find all of the Crucible Knight bosses? ...

Crucible Knights are among the hardest-hitting enemies in the Lands Between. They can sift through your current run before you even have time to think. They have a variety of abilities that others may not have access to. Along with being powerful, they can take a lot of hits before they fall. Here are some amazing items for defeating them all.


The first of the Crucible Knights can be found in Limgrave and you can reach the boss shortly after entering the world. Go to the Stormgate and go up the hill. After reaching the top of the hill, turn to the left and go south. The Crucible Knights boss arena will be teleported. Beat this knight to get the Aspects of the Crucible: Tail incantation.


If you decided to travel south from Limgrave, you may have fallen into the barren landscape of Caelid. Visit the far southeast corners of Caelid to see Redmane Castle, where one of the Crucible Knight and the Radahn Festival are held. If the festival is going on, you may go to the Chamber outside the Plaza Site of Grace to see the boss fight against the Crucible Knight and the Misbegotten Warrior. Beat this pair of bosses to get the Ruins Greatsword.

Capital Outskirts

A pair of Crucible Knights can be found in the Auriza Heros Grave just outside the Capital City. This dungeon is difficult to get through thanks to the chariots that roam the halls, and the boss fight against Crucible Knight Ordovis and his counterpart does not make it any easier. Beating this boss will get you Ordoviss Greatsword and the Crucible Knight armor set.

Deeproot Depths

The last Crucible Knight boss encounter you might encounter is the one against Crucible Knight Siluria. After battling the Valiant Gargoyles in Siofra River, you will either need to go to the bottom of the Capital City sewers, where the Three Fingers are discovered, or use the coffin at the base of the waterfall. Silurias Tree is a powerful spear that is great for PVP and PVE gameplay.