Mario's Most Powerful Bosses, Ranked

Mario's Most Powerful Bosses, Ranked ...

If Nintendo has a true mascot, it is, without a doubt, Mario. The famous plumber-turned adventure hero is forever linked with the Nintendo gaming universe. Mario''s games are not only varied, but they are also ever-present in society. The series has stood the test of time and is viewed in terms of "classic gaming," while still releasing some of the world''s most successful games, year after year.

It''s not only the main character that makes the franchise great. In many cases, the bosses that Mario battles are the characters that stand out. Some are notable for their past, but others for their appearance. Nevertheless, there are a few notable bosses in the franchise that compete for the top spot. Let''s look at the world''s finest bosses in the game.

5 Wart

Wart is the main villain and ultimate boss of Super Mario Bros. 2. He is the leader of a gang called the 8 Bits, and his goal is to conquer the land of dreams known as Subcon. He is described as "the most mischievous of all in the world of dreams." He acts as a ruler, and gives commands that he expects to obey.

Wart''s battle mainly involves the player throwing vegetables into Wart''s mouth from a machine to deal damage. He only has one, very basic attack, and this is throwing a line of bubbles around him a few times and the battle finishes.

4 Crystal King

Next up, we have a real ruler. Crystal King is the ruler who dwells in the Ice Palace and serves as the guardian of Kalmar''s seventh and final Star Spirit, in Chapter 7 of Paper Mario. Crystal King instantly stands out for his unorthodox yet incredibly interesting design, which is simple enough to be seen. However, this doesn''t mean he can''t fight.

The Crystal King''s boss battle may be considered one of the more complex and difficult in the game. He can levitate, making any type of Hammer attacks useless. He can also make Crystal Bits that act as minions and projectiles. He can also make clones of himself, forcing the player to figure out which is the real one to deal damage. He may also heal 20 HP up to three times if not beaten fast.

3 King Bob-omb

King Bob-omb is a popular character. He has made numerous appearances throughout the Mario series. He is before and after all, a king. However, it is his appearances in Super Mario 64 and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, where he really shines and earns him the number three ranking. This king is absolutely bombastic.

King Bob-omb is the first model of Super Mario 64, and as such, the fight does not have a ton going on. This is a very simple procedure of joking behind him and throwing him down in the arena three times. Repeat this three times and it''s over. He attacks by throwing Bob-ombs that can be severed if he is successfully counterattacked, and add additional seconds to the timer.

2 King Croacus 4

Next up, there is a character of a noble bearing who didn''t start out as a noble. King Croacus IV is the chapter head of Chapter 5 in Super Paper Mario. He was King Croacus III until he came of age to rule, but King Croacus III died shortly after he gained the kingdom. That approach, right?

The first phase of Thoreau''s main body is constantly blooming and closing, but he can only be damaged if he is damaged enough. They can also be picked up and thrown to damage King Croacus IV when he is exposed.

1 Hisstocrat

Hisstocrat is the second boss of World 3 in the Super Mario 3D World series and its re-release. It comes in two different forms, one blue form with a kingly appearance, and a pink one with a kingly appearance, both having elegant designs to match. Either way, their forms are often fought individually but later on in the Boss Blitz in World Flower.

Some of the snakes carry plates, giving him the ability to use them as tools to reach Hisstocrat''s head, their only weak point. These plates often include Super Bells on the top, making the battle simpler as a whole.

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