This July, Steve Aoki will conduct a film-inspired concert called 'One Piece.'

This July, Steve Aoki will conduct a film-inspired concert called 'One Piece.' ...

This summer, a lot of exciting announcements from fandom and conventions to live music will be made, according to legendary Japanese-American DJ and record producer Steve Aoki. Anime Expo in Los Angeles has recently been announced for an upcoming performance on Saturday, July 2. To make things even more interesting, his concert is intended to highlight the music and style of one of this seasons'' hottest anime premieres.

The organizers of the Anime Expothe Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation announced that Steve Aoki would perform an exclusive show centered around the popular anime One Piece and its upcoming film, One Piece Film: Red. The relationship between the two is very strong, and there is no reason to believe that the anime''s music will be an inspiration for the concert.

Although details on the event are still being discussed, it is already known that there will be a strong connection between Aokis'' performance and Anime Expo in particular. Aokis'' DIM MAK X ONE PIECE, which gives the audience an early chance to gain an influence from the Wano character.

With the high-level collaboration experienced at the event, Toei is certain to be pulling out all the necessary training to build hype for One Piece Film: Red. Red is expected to be the fifteenth feature film in the One Piece franchise, which is independent of the 1000+ episode and 20-season spanning shonen epic. In addition to pulling in some of the highest ratings on [adult swim]s Toonami block, the big marker of 1000 episodes crossed last November, and the imminent passing of 1050 manga volumes all underscore the fact

The plot details for the new films have indicated that the film will focus on a new female character, Uta, who has secret connections to Red-Haired Shanks and plays as a musical diva. It may be appropriate that the film, which features this musical new character, will be promoted with the help of one of the biggest names in Japanese-American music. The song''s release date is scheduled for August 6, 2022.