Fans of Final Fantasy 14 think the game must improve its accessibility options for colorblind players

Fans of Final Fantasy 14 think the game must improve its accessibility options for colorblind player ...

Final Fantasy 14 issued a strong statement last week, indicating that third-party tools of all kinds are prohibited. While some MMOs, including World of Warcraft, may require add-ons to enhance user interactions, but Final Fantasy 14 is strictly opposed to any changes. A serious issue has arisen from the topic, according to Colorblind Final Fantasy 14.

Recently, a popular post on the FFXIV subreddit from user ReviloD18 pointed to two different encounters, a dungeon encounter and a raid encounter, that specifically created challenges for certain colorblind players. They even created custom images to show how each encounter''s mechanics converge. The long and short part of it is that colorblind Final Fantasy 14 players are incapable of distinguishing deadly mechanics from the environment or from other abilities.

ReviloD18 offers some solutions after providing examples of how Final Fantasy 14 is failing colorblind players. Using colors that are "easy" to do with colorblind players, it makes more sense to offer multiple options for ability colors.

ReviloD18''s second feature is a customizable coloring for UI elements, which allows colorblind players to select their own options. For example, players may select a type of UI element from a dropdown menu, before opening up a color wheel from which they can choose their preference. This is a much more complicated system, which requires colorblind players to do a lot of trial and error, but would ultimately end up working a lot better for the whole colorblind population.

There is a third option, though it is unacceptable at this point. This third option is to allow certain third-party tools, because there are already options that help with colorblindness to Final Fantasy 14''s worst encounters. It would likely require less investment than new in-game accessibility options, but it could also affect Final Fantasy 14''s security.

It''s becoming increasingly anticipated in 2022 that AAA game releases feature a wide range of accessibility options. Final Fantasy 14 is now over a decade old, a time when accessibility problems were given less focus than they are now. This is not an excuse, but it''s just how this point has been achieved. Here''s hoping that ReviloD18''s efforts will make Final Fantasy 14 an MMO for everyone.

Final Fantasy 14 is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox 5.