6 Underappreciated 2012 Games That Hold Up A Decade Later

6 Underappreciated 2012 Games That Hold Up A Decade Later ...

As entertainment continues to grow, the gaming industry has seen a wave of success for decades now, with excellent visuals, improved sound design, and improved written stories. Today, video games are much larger and more complex than they used to be, to the point where it''s difficult to believe that Adventure and Ghost of Tsushima was only four decades apart.

Because of gaming''s ongoing growth, games from past that are still holding up today are worth celebrating. Despite being oblivious when looking back ten years, it''s easy to discover games that are still holding up today.

6 Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line was released at a time when shooters were dominant in the gaming industry, with franchises like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Gears of War all rising in popularity. Consequently, several studios churned out shooting games to try and invest in the hype.

Because of this, Spec Ops: The Line struggled to gain much attention, as the game''s run-of-the-mill gameplay made people quick to dismiss it, although there were so many other shooters releasing around the same time. However, the game gradually gained a cult following for its story, which stifled itself from most at the time for depicting the horrors of war in unsettling and unsettling ways. Yet, many of the game''s messages about war are still relevant today.

5 Hitman: Absolution

Hitman: Absolution, which dominated Spec Ops: The Line, had a lot of hype before it became available, as it was the first game in the Hitman series since the iconic Hitman: Blood Money from 2006.

IO Interactive upgraded the classic Hitman formula with Absolution by reducing the openness and freedom of previous games in favor of more railroaded missions and objectives. This move sparked backlash from fans, who were generally hoping for a Blood Money repeat, but with fresh levels and updated graphics.

Although the critically-acclaimed Hitman trilogy that was eventually released between 2016 and 2021 has a wide spectrum of similarities to the 2012 one, which is now seen as a bridge between the classic and modern styles of Hitman gameplay.

4 Max Payne 3

Fans were outraged that the game shifted away from its traditional gameplay pattern in favor of a more modern approach. Max Payne 3 is on this list for a similar reason as Hitman: Absolution.

Another concern with Hitman: Absolution is that the dust has settled, and the initial frustration over unexpected gameplay changes has subsided, thus people are finally able to appreciate the game for what it is.

3 Dragon''''s Dogma

Dragon''s Dogma is a high-flying game developed on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with enhanced versions of Dragon''s Dogma: Dark Arisen, as well as frequent release on both platforms over the years.

Dragon''s Dogma was designed to be a Souls-like experience before the term Souls-like existed. In 2012, the game''s punishing difficulty was a deal-breaker for many, though now that FromSoftware has reminded mainstream viewers about how rewarding challenging games can be, Dragon''s Dogma is now getting the respect it deserves.

2 Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is no stranger to lists with phrases like "underappreciated" or "underrated" in the title for United Front Games and Square Enix, as the game stowed away in 2012 and was also overlooked by some critics.

Sleeping Dogs is a spiritual sequel to the True Crime series, which houses players in a well-designed open-world set in Hong Kong. Along with its martial arts combat, the game also differed itself from other open-world games. Due to the popularity of the open-world today and how low it is to buy it now, Sleeping Dogs is an easy game to recommend for anyone looking for an action-adventure deal.

1 Okami HD

Okami and Sleeping Dogs are often confused in terms of these, because they''re two of the most underappreciated games of all time. As the name suggests, Okami HD is an HD remake of the original Okami, which was first released in 2006 on PlayStation 2, before being released on Nintendo Wii a few years later.

Okami HD is considered to be one of the greatest action-adventure games of all time. However, far too few people have completed the game than it deserves, as the game has always struggled to sell, and it has a very quick opening couple of hours.

The compliment "it''s like Zelda" has been so popular over the years that it has virtually lost its significance, although Okami HD is a game that is certainly deserving of the comparison, as many people consider it on par with some of Link''s best adventures, including Ocarina of Time.