This War Of Mine: The Eight Most Useful Character Skills

This War Of Mine: The Eight Most Useful Character Skills ...

Players in this War of Mine will have to get to know their survivors well in order to determine their place in the group''s dynamics. For the most part, the survivors are only the average civilians trapped in a rocky war. They''re not the powerful video game everyman (or woman) who can suddenly learn to kill enemies and overpower godly beings with skill trees.

Each character in This War of Mine gets usually one specialization or perk. Characters are also granted randomly, but players may be "picky" with them by restarting a playthrough again and again. In doing so, they may select their survivors who have particular abilities or perks. These are the skills to look out for when it comes to character selection.

8 Good Cook

Characters with this skill:

  • Bruno
  • Livia (Final Cut)

A good meal during wartime might sound like an unaffordable luxury, but it''s more important than players think. For one, cooked food increases morale and improves eating habits in the long run, resulting in improved food preservation. Livia also assumes the players have a Final Cut update.

A character with Good Cook provides healthy food for everyone, especially during the winter.

7 Sneaks Quietly

Characters who possess this ability:

  • Arica
  • Esma (The Last Broadcast)

A major part of This War of Mine''s gameplay is the nightly supply run where characters have to risk their lives just to loot and keep everyone in the group fed, sheltered, and healthy. Often, the supply run or scavenging mishaps happen if the scavenger gets detected by a hostile guard. Because theft is the best way to gain supplies.

When it comes to less stressful supply runs, the Sneaks Quietly perk in this War of Mine can be a godsend. They''re certainly more useful as scavengers than guards or anything else. So players will want to keep these guys'' strength and stamina from being aggressive during nightly runs. These also make it easier to sneak around without confrontation, making killing unnecessary.

6 Handyman

Characters who have this skill:

  • Marin

Except for tools and devices, the Handyman is similar to the Good Cook. Early in the game, materials and components are more valuable than food or medicine. Having someone in the group such as Marin can a lot in shoring up defenses or crafting the essentials and quality of life improvements for the shelter.

Marin is capable of crafting anything with fewer resources. This leaves the saved-up materials or components for other tasks like repairs after a bad enemy raid. Sadly, Marin is the only Handyman in the game and his use may fall off late-game when everything''s set up; at least he''s a reliable guard.

5 Skilled Scavenger

Characters who have this knowledge:

  • Marko
  • Adam (Father''''s Promise)

The Skill Scavenger is one of the most likely rewards for beginners, as it ensures increased inventory capacity (15). They can carry more items and in supply runs or scavenging, thus eliminating wasted waste. There is no need to drop those additional meds or veggies.

Players need to hoard as many materials and components as they can while also managing food and medical needs. This is not just the larger inventory size that gives them an advantage. Scavengers also loot everything quicker, leading to shorter supply runs.

4 Fast Runner - Pavle

Characters with this skill:

  • Pavle

While working in the war, fit civilians tend to live and perform better, and Pavle provides a convincing example of why people need to exercise. He was an athlete, thus being capable of running faster than anyone in the survivor group. For everything else, he is not overjoyed about giving him any job.

For scavenging or supply runs, he does not haul as good as Skilled Scavengers, but he hauls quickly. Players can then use him to quickly stash any items left behind in a hurry. There''s also one notorious location where snipers prey on anything that moves and Pavle is a Fast Runner.

3 Trained In Combat

Characters with this knowledge:

  • Roman
  • Adem (The Last Broadcast)

Combat is one of the most vital choices players must make in this War of Mine, and players will want people who will not incur psychological penalties when killing others. In such instances, characters like Roman or Adem will perform much better.

Roman is the only character capable of performing stealth kills without having to possess weapons. In this way, the ideal method of getting a character like Roman is to sift him against hidden locations and clear the area of any living thing. Afterward, Skilled Scavengers may pick up all of the loot in a later supply run.

2 Bargaining Skills/Persuasive

Characters with this ability:

  • Katia
  • Insurance Agent

When it comes to war survival, bargaining skills (Persuasive for the Insurance Agent) isn''t great, but traders are some of the most underrated resources in the game. They visit every three days or so, giving players enough time to prepare barter currencies. A good purchase from traders can save players from having to do a supply run for a night or two.

Survivals who can negotiate lower prices are essential here. Since trading is done through barter, having spare supplies or necessities after a trade may be a lifesaver. They assist players in developing new trading systems.

1 Strong But Slow - Boris

Characters with this ability:

  • Boris

Boris is an odd one in This War of Mine since he is the only one with the Strong but Slow skill. One might think that he makes a bad scavenger, but he has the highest inventory capacity out of all the characters at 17 slots. If anything, hauling stockpiled supplies in places with him is more profitable.

Boris is quite capable of maneuvering around the shelter due to his speed. He is nevertheless capable of maneuvering better than anyone else, although he isn''t particularly capable of reacting and killing because he is very sorry.

This War of Mine is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and Mobile.