The New Social Contract with World of Warcraft is a Fantastic Move

The New Social Contract with World of Warcraft is a Fantastic Move ...

Often times, individuals join an online community a form of toxicity form. These include minor insults or repeated harassment. World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and other multiplayer titles are often filled with different levels of hate. With the most recent update to the 9.2.5 PTR for World of Warcraft, it seems Blizzard wants to build a new and safer Azeroth with the introduction of a brand-new social contract that players must agree to.

In Dragonflight, World of Warcraft is still dominating the MMO genre, and it is training to bring players to the Dragon Isles. In this episode, Blizzard hopes to make Azeroth a more welcoming community, as a result of the recent lawsuits. It is still a big step for the game, and it may benefit it in the near future.

The Social Contract Explained

Blizzard showed off the first iteration of the brand-new social contract for players who enter Azeroth, and they are forced to agree to it until the game closes. This contract outlines a list of various activities that are permitted in World of Warcraft, as well as those that are not.

The new social contract allows players to be willing to assist other players and make friends across the country. Players must be able to answer questions from other players and assist them with various activities. Failure to follow the terms will result in punishment that includes a suspension of their account. However, this contract is a significant step for a game that is accused of harboring a toxic community.

What This Means for World of Warcraft

This social contract really does not affect World of Warcraft as players can simply agree to the social contract and enter the game. It isn''t all about them ever coming to mind of it, except for a possible repercussion from Blizzard. If Blizzard does not actively enforce the new contract then nothing will come of it, and it will purely serve as a gesture from Blizzard, who is being accused of workplace harassment. This new contract may however help the community.

The present World of Warcraft playerbase has a toxic side to it. New players will go to the subreddit to learn how to play the game and are often confronted with downvotes alongside angry comments. This makes the game unwelcoming for new players, while also eliminating additional other veteran players. This new social contract is in a way to instill a closer connection, making the game more comfortable.

While this social contract is only a minor step in a larger issue, it might, therefore, help improve the 18-year-old MMO. While some of these adjustments had already been discussed in terms of service, making players agree to them before entering the game makes it appear like Blizzard intends to push these regulations. Time will tell if this really helps clean up the community or if it will fall flat.

World of Warcraft is now available on PC.