The 11 Most Iconic Anime Girls With Blue Hair

The 11 Most Iconic Anime Girls With Blue Hair ...

11 Kaname Chidori, Full Metal Panic!

Kaname Chidori, a 16-year-old high school student who has a similar experience living in Japan and the United States as the daughter of a UN ambassador, is also one of the main characters of both anime and light-novel versions of Full Metal Panic! This story is based on why several different intelligence organizations seem so keen on this blue-haired anime girl.

Sousuke Sagara is an agent for one of these organizations, known as Mithril, who happens to be tasked with protecting Kaname. He enrolls in the same high school as her, and a complicated plot ensues.

10 Shino Asada, Sword Art Online II

This part of this series introduces the vast universe of SAO to Story Arc 3 and a new FPS MMO called Gun Gale Online. Shino does not appear in the film, but this blue-haired anime girl is the deuteragonist of the story. This means she is as important to the plot as the main protagonist and can even switch places with him.

Shino began playing Gun Gale Online to avoid her own fear of guns, and the result is that she becomes one of the most deadly snipers in GGO. This includes ALfheim Online, where she plays a Cait Sith archer.

9 Nefertari Vivi, One Piece

Nefertari Vivi is the princess of Arabasta, but she isn''t exactly a stereotypical princess and the kingdom is more like a crime family than a political entity. Her aliases are equally as interesting as her character, indicating her importance to the overall plot of one of anime''s longest-running shows.

When Nefertari becomes an antagonist, he is referred to as a Bounty Hunter. This blue-haired anime girl appears again under Miss Wednesday''s code name in an effort to disrupt a rival gang, the Baroque Works, which is threatening Arabasta. After she returns to her country to live the life of a royal, she is formally known as Princess Vivi.

8 Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury, who has the real name is Ami Mizuno, is sometimes overlooked as part of a team of superheroes that have the capability to destroy planets and stop time. She''s the brains of the operation, quietly doing the research and crafting plans, and although she''s the quietest, this blue-haired anime girl might be the most important.

Sailor Mercury was the most powerful soldier to join Sailor Moon. Between Mars and Moon, she was battling for the majority of the first season in a row over who needed to be the group leader. She was the only reason they didn''t get killed before Jupiter showed up.

7 Wendy Marvell, Fairy Tail

Wendy Marvell is one of the Sky Dragon Slayers, and it''s obvious from the start that she did not choose this life for herself. It''s a challenging selection process, but certain orphans are chosen to be Slayers based more on chance than aptitude. Wendy''s character arc is that she must become a decent Sky Dragon Slayer even though she''s petite, shy, and loves fighting, and has motion sickness, as well as iconic character tropes seen in many anime girls.

Wendy''s ability as a magic user is derived from her ability to manipulate air for a wide range of uses. That includes offensive spells like Dragon''s Roar as well as some handy healing spells.

6 Umi Ryuuzaki, Magic Knight Rayearth

Magic Knight Rayearth, which is considered to be one of the greatest magical girl anime series of all time, created the genre cool years before Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon appeared. Umi is one of the three main characters in the show, and her powers focus on water. Water Dragon and Icicle Blades are among her attacks.

Umi Ryuuzaki is often seen wearing outfits that reflect the blue spectrum, especially when in Magical Knight form, so it''s not a surprise that her hair is also blue.

Stocking Anarchy, Panty, and Stocking with Garterbelt

This is a fantastic example of a parody anime that isn''t for kids. This is why the characters in this show aren''t conventional humans, but supernatural creatures, which are hundreds of years old, which explains why they can take different forms and have so many wacky powers.

Stocking Anarchy is the youngest of the Anarchy sisters, which also include Panty and Garterbelt, and she is known for wearing clothes she wears as a weapon. However, her striped stockings turn into katanas when she removes them, just to be clear about how this works.

4 Shiro, No Game No Life

Shiro''s hair color includes several colors, but she prefers to be pink or purple. There are two main characters in No Game No Life, Shiro and her step-brother, Sora. She is calm and calculated but she has a lower level of emotional intelligence and requires her brother''s help to beat games with that angle.

Shiro''s limitations when it comes to emotions are one of her few flaws. Other than that, this anime girl is a veritable genius, who has the ability to recall virtually anything she previously discovered, as well as her superhuman hand-eye coordination, which may be a result of her amazing marksmanship abilities.

3 Blue Rose, Tiger & Bunny

Blue Rose, the superhero, uses a variety of shades of green and blue to create a hairstyle and a makeup to match it. Naturally, her appearance and costume must be match.

When she''s not a superhero, she loses the hair color as well as the rest of the superhero personae. Karina Lyle''s name in civilian life is and she''s a high-school student who loves working at a cafe with caramel hair.

2 Bulma, Dragon Ball

Bulma makes limited appearances in the later chapters of the Dragonball series, so it''s easy to forget that she was the main character in the first series. She''s the most important character in the series along with the hero, Goku, and she''s been helping him out since he was a precocious child with a monkey''s tail.

This blue-haired anime girl has her happy-ever-after relationship with former enemy Vegeta, along with Trunks, her son, has pink hair, while Bulla has green hair.

1 Ayanami Rei, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Ayanami Rei is the pilot of Unit-00, the Evangelion prototype model, one of the most famous anime icons ever, without noticing a famous bluenette. This is because she was the only Eva pilot to precede Shinji.

Ayanami''s roots are a mystery throughout the whole of the original Evangelion series. Eventually, she begins the same school as Shinji and Asuka, but does not seem to have any records beforehand. It turns out that her true identity is tied to the final resolution of the plot, and continues as part of her character arc in the new films.