How the Most Recent Hitman Trilogy in IO Interactive Could Help Project 007

How the Most Recent Hitman Trilogy in IO Interactive Could Help Project 007 ...

IO Interactive announced in November 2020 that they would develop a new James Bond game: Project 007. Last seen in 007 Legacy, a game that served more as an homage to Bond by revisiting six memorable stories from film adaptations, a full-fledged game has not been released since 2012.

After the third and final installment of the Hitman "World of Assassination" trilogy, IO Interactive confirmed that the series it has been the lead on since 2000 would be canceled, while the team was focusing on producing Project 007, an as-yet unnamed new James Bond game. However, expectations for Bond to return to consoles are high due to the excellent critical reception of the recent Hitman trilogy.

What Bond and Agent 47 Share

Bond and Agent 47 are at face value. Both are operatives of secret organizations, trained as expert operatives in infiltration, espionage, and assassination. Despite 47''s appearance, Bond has Moneypenny as his, and both often stumble on world-changing plots under the nefarious scheme of shadowy organizations, from Providence to Spectre.

As part of the project 007, IO Interactive''s structure is simple to extrapolate to meet the player''s needs. This includes playing techniques suited to Agent 47 in an open, almost sandbox environment, which allows the player to explore and engage with the level they desire. This is because IO Interactive has a solid foundation to springboard into the future. Project 007 is now underway.

What Bond Could Learn From Agent 47

Prior to the present day, Bond games preferred a more linear, structured approach, often to match an already existing plot as adaptations of the next film. However, this is all set to change as IO Interactive co-owner Hakan Abrak confirmed that Project 007 will include a completely new version of James Bond. Despite this, IO intends to diversify the franchise.

Project 007 could incorporate aspects of Hitman into its design, based on what already exists to enhance the experience of playing James Bond. The World of Assassination trilogy prided itself on creating dense, vibrant levels that allowed players to explore and approach completion in unique ways. This open-world approach, based on story and gameplay, would be perfect.

What Bond Could Teach Agent 47

While Hitman is certainly an exceptional franchise, there''s room for IO to explore new possibilities when working with James Bond. As much as Hitman is going to influence Project 007, IO might break ground by allowing James Bond to re-imagine its traditional design. Agent 47 is a psychopathic and seemingly uncharismatic model, but it''s no secret as to why James Bond films continue to succeed at the box office, yet Hitman movie adaptations receive mixed receptions.

A certain extent to this effect for Bond to the gaming scene, given that audiences have extensive knowledge of his history, and it''s expected that players can see Bond''s charisma to charm his way through situations.

This could lead to the introduction of the player being able to interact with NPCs more direct, departing from Hitman''s previous form of approaching ominously nearby. An excellent opportunity for this might draw on 47''s ability to "blend in" at certain levels, where alternatively Bond may be given prompts to engage with other characters, generate new story leads, or teach players valuable information.

The latest Hitman trilogy did not have a high-octane advantage that Bond might reintroduce. Usually, IO has never needed to force a gameplay sequence that might challenge or test the players wits, only ever going as far as implementing elements such as time limits on completing certain tasks. However, previous Bond games have never sucked away from requiring extensive focus on chase sequences and vehicles in Bond films. Project 007s is expected to be fueled by

Project 007 remains quiet, but what is known suggests promising. For the time being, news may be far on the horizon. It is entirely possible that the studio will take its game in a completely different direction, fueled by the current limbo of James Bond''s cinematic future. In the meantime, players will eagerly await the next announcement from IO Interactive.

Project 007 is in development.