Top 6 Offensive Locations in Classic WoW: Shattered Sun

Top 6 Offensive Locations in Classic WoW: Shattered Sun ...

A few MMORPGs that have previously existed, such as World of Warcraft, are showing off their expansion as well as the future versions of Classic.

The most recent feature in Classic: World of Warcraft features a whole new area, an entire island off the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms under the care of a faction known as The Shattered Sun Offensive. Although the Isle of Quel''Danas is a Horde race, the isle is accessible to all players of both factions and is very useful to everyone.

6 Shattrath City

Although the most important locations for this faction are mostly on the isle, all players must start elsewhere to gain access to the Isle of Quel''''Danas itself. Talk to a Draenei NPC who is named General Tiras''alan, a representative of the Offensive, standing next to A''dal to get the initial quest that starts to the Isle of Quel''''Danas for the first time.

Shattrath is also an important hub for other Shattered Sun NPCs conducting daily quests once the initial phase on the island is completed. The dailies that are offered to players in Shattrath are usually done in Outland, specifically the zones of Netherstorm and Garadar, therefore there''s always the option of grinding the reputation levels outside of the new zone to avoid crowds.

5 Sun''''s Reach Harbor

When players arrive in Quel''''Danas, they will be connected to all the usual flight paths that are normally connected to the player''s faction for the first time, making traveling a little easier.

The Sun''s Reach Harbor features that isn''t the only significant feature players can find. Archmage Ne''thul is located on one of the nearby docked ships, and speaking to him is the objective of one of the early quests. There are also a few important NPCs who have a certain amount of valuable items on the deck with him.

4 Magister''''s Terrace

This is the new 5-player dungeon that was introduced in Patch 2.4.0, and is in both a heroic and normal mode. A few quests must be completed in normal mode before the heroic version unlocks, but no additional attunement is required. The entrance is slightly out of the way, along a road that winds east and down from Sun''s Reach Harbor.

Magister''s Terrace is an important component of Blood Elf and World of Warcraft lore, and the player''s attack on this stronghold is Kael''thas Sunstrider''s final defeat. In this dungeon, every party will meet this famous character as its fourth and final boss.

3 The Dawning Square

The Shattered Sun Offensive moves further south and east, thus they''ll recoct more of Sun''s Reach with the player''s help. The Dawning Square looks like an innocent public park, and it would be if not for the demonic invaders and the mysterious portal they seem to be guarding.

Players are advised to make sure they have this scroll in their bags. Otherwise, they''ll fight their way to the portal only to discover that they cannot pass through it. However, they can complete an easy quest by ensuring NPC Magistrix Seyla is safe and well, as well as offering a few daily quests in Hellfire Penninsula.

2 Sun''''s Reach Armory

If these locations were voted on by the players and ranked in that order, the Sun''s Reach Armory would be the first on the list. The reason being that this is where the vendors for the shiny new items will be located once the Shattered Sun Offensive enters Phase 3.

The handy smith, who is located outside the building, distributes equipment in exchange for Honor Badges, and is one of the most popular NPCs in this patch. Players can also find other exotic gear vendors on the second floor, and they trade their wares for a variety of loot tokens.

1 The Sunwell Plateau

The Sunwell''s location isn''t just the point of view, but also the place where players can find the new 25-player raid. The power of the Sunwell is the reason for all of this activity in the first place. An army of demons and other evil forces at the command of Kil''jaeden, the last boss waiting for players at the end of this raid, is attempting to take over the Sunwell and harness its magical power. The Shattered Sun Offensive is the united front, however,

There is no questing chain or attunement required for players who are courageous and capable of defeating Kil''''jaeden. A cinematic awaits the Sunwell''s ultimate fate.